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Are you worried about any burning question in your life? Be it be relating to Marriage, Profession, Children, Property, Foreign Travel, Litigation, Health, Corporate problems, Disputes. The list could go on and on as there are so many questions we have in mind. Are you not aware of your time of birth and other birth details and still want the answers of your questions? Then good news is that you can still get all your answers along with remedial measures. More..

To ask a horary question you just need to formulate your question as a proper and precise sentence. For example, "Will I marry ABC?" Ask what you most want to know. You can ask subsidiary questions that relate to the main question like, "Will I marry XYZ and when?" but you should not to ask two or more unrelated questions at one time. "Will I marry ABC and will I get the job at XYZ Limited?" You need to ask two separate questions at two different times. If you want to ask two or more questions, ask the most important and pressing one first and then wait at least a couple of days before asking each of the subsequent questions.

In fact for specific questions where the person has no birth time the answers are very accurate because from natal chart arriving at such specific answers is some times difficult. So horary is very helpful in these cases. Let me give you more explanation on the horary system which I practice.

Horary Astrology has a scientific approach as any other branch of astrology and it is a divine and sublime method of fore-seeing events from the position of the planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter. By applying it, we can predict the longevity Health, Success or Failure, Love, Time of Marriage, Divorce, Result of Examination, Job, Gain by Lottery or Stock Market, Success in Litigation & Legacy etc.

According to the method which I practice the zodiac is divided into segments based on the Rashi Lord, Nakshatra Lord and Sub Lord. So, there are 249 segments in the Zodiac, and when a querrent comes with a question, they are asked a number between 1 and 249. This determines the ascendant and the planets are placed in the chart for the time of query (disregarding the actual ascendant for the moment).

So when a querent gives a number from 1 to 249, he / she is actually identifying a particular Sub Division which is later used to draw a horoscope. In this method Time of Query and Place of Query is important.

Time of Query: In this method (Which I am practicing) the time when an astrologer judges a horoscope is more important than the time query was actually made. Suppose a person made a query on 01-March-2006 at 10.20 AM, but the astrologer was only able to analyze the query on 05- March- 2006 at 8.00 PM, then in such case, the time 8.00 PM of 5th March 2006 becomes more important though the fact the query was actually made on a different date and time.

Place of Query: Place where the astrologer is actually judging the horoscope is more important than the place where the query was actually made. Suppose a person in New York calls me in New Delhi and makes a question, then the place New Delhi where I am going to sit and analyze the query is given importance.

This method works provided the question is sincere and the two parties are serious about it (client and astrologer).

Please don't ask us to tell you the name of the person you will marry, or on what date you will die, will I get a son or a daughter? Or what the lottery numbers or what will the exam marks you will get- not only are such things difficult to 'predict' with astrology, but even if we could tell you, we wouldn't, for ethical reasons.

All you need to do is send us your question and any number between 1 to 249 and your date, time and place of birth, and we will provide you with the outcome of your specified question.

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