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Will Saurav Ganguly be successful in this year..?

The name Saurav Ganguly conjures up the image of a graceful batsman with a silken touch and also a fierce and one of India’s most successful captains of all time.

Saurav Ganguly the Prince of Calcutta, Bengal Tiger or Dada as he is affectionately called by many has a fan following of millions in India and is also well respected by his peers. His batting is the perfect blend of elegance and power. He is one of the most aggressive Captain India has ever had and is at present one of the key members of the Indian team ready for its difficult tour of England. Lot of information is available and lot has been written about Saurav’s cricketing feats and abilities but here I’d be limiting myself to discussing his prospects in year 2007 and early 2008 as shown by his planetary placements.

I have taken the below Natal Chart details as the same have been used by a few Astrologers and the same have been available on internet on a few websites.

Ascendant : Leo
Sun : Gemini
Moon : Taurus
Mars : Cancer
Mercury : Cancer
Jupiter : Sagittarius
Venus : Taurus
Saturn : Taurus
Rahu : Capricorn
Ketu : Cancer

Saurav was born on 8th of July, 1972 at Kolkatta. At the time of his birth, Leo Ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon. He was born under the Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus Sign or Rashi. Ascendant plays a very important part in a horoscope. Ascendant /Rising Sign or Lagna is the physical aspect of one’s self or the portrayal to the people around us. Ascendant represents our outer personality to the world and the people around us. Leo Ascendant signifies high ideals, great magnetism and splendid aura with nobility of character. Being a Leo Ascendant bring certain regal and royal traits which are usually found in Leo Ascendant individuals. By virtue of having a Leo ascendant Saurav has a great sense of show man ship ( who can forget how he took off his shirt and brandished it in the air during the final match of the 2002 Natwest Trophy held in Lords to celebrate India's winning of the match and also how he made Steve Waugh who was Australia’s Captain at that time to wait for the Toss) . Fame and fortune usually comes to Leo Ascendants even when they aren’t looking for it. One of the most strong traits of Leo Ascendants is aptly found in Saurav which is his efficiency at organizing group of people and inspiring them to give their best. When he took the reigns of Indian Team it comprised of immensly talented but directionless bunch of cricketers , but Saurav led them and inspired them to greater heights. He led India in a record 49 Test Matches, winning 21 of those, including 12 of them outside India. All three figures are records for Indian Test captains. To sum up Leo Ascendant it would be pertinent to analyze the Sun which rules Leo is very prominent in Chart. The influence of Sun bestows generosity, warmth, power, creative self expression, passion and courage in equal measures. On the other hand it also encourages arrogance, egotism, pom etc.

After analyzing his Ascendant now let us discuss in detail his various aspects of Chart .

Main features of his horoscope can be discussed as under:

Natal Chart

Ascendant Lord which is strongly placed in 11th house and is being aspected by Strong 5th Lord Jupiter which is placed in Sagittarius Sign which is it’s own sign. This mutual aspect is forming a very strong and favorable Rajyoga.

Strong Rahu is place in 6th house in Capricorn Sign and is aspected by Mercury and Mars ( Mars is significator or Karaka planet of Sports and Energy).

Placement of Moon and Saturn in 10th house (which is the house of Career, Profession and public standing. It is also called the house of ambition, aspiration and Karma ( action), fame, honor, self respect and dignity) along with favorable Venus. By virtue of favorable placement and conjunction of these planets Saurav’s Career will always be on a different scale and he’d be able to enjoy material success as well as the fame and name in his lifetime.

Placement of Moon in 10th house in sign of exaltation is indicating worldwide fame, support of destiny, wealth and prosperity.

Navamsa Chart

Mars is placed in 5th house and from there it is aspected by Sun and Jupiter. This combination is very favorable and capable of giving very good results in respect of name and fame in sports.

Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Mercury are connected with each other by virtue of mutual aspects , besides all these planets are placed in auspicious houses ( Trines or Trikona and Kendra). It won’t be out of place to mention that Jupiter Mars as well as Mercury are friends of Sun (Ascendant Lord) and are favorably placed in Navamsa Chart.

Dasmansa Chart

Mars is placed in 10th house and from there aspecting Sun, Jupiter and 5th house which again points towards success in Sports and fame from it.

Benefit Planets Moon and Jupiter are well placed in Trines which indicates success, fame and prosperity.

Further analyzing Saurav’s Chart we can see that Moon, Venus, Saturn, are placed in 10th house. As per Vedic Astrology 10th House and it’s Lord are main significator of Career and Profession and matters related to same. We can see that 10th Lord Venus is well placed in 10th house itself and forming “Malavya Rajyoga” . This Rajyoga is one of Panchamahapurush Rajyoga and is present in Saurav’s Chart. By virtue of this yoga he has been bestowed with a commanding aura , personality and worldwide name and fame. In same breath we should not forget that malefic planet for Leo Ascendant is Saturn which is conjoined with Venus. This combination indicates that Saurav’s Career will be full of controversies and hindrances. Placement of Saturn will bring professional success, position of authority, popularity and fame, but it is also capable of giving opposition from authority.

In his Chart Moon which is 12th Lord is placed in 10th house. This placement is not very favorable. Placement of both Moon and Saturn may give him lack of stability in Career and sudden dip in Career is entirely possible due to this planetary combination. Due to this he was stripped of Captaincy and also was removed from Indian Team, but fortunately when people were writing his demise from Indian Cricket Arena he made a grand comeback in Indian team in November 2006. This happened due to strong 10th Lord Venus, 5th Lord Jupiter and Ascendant Lord Sun.

In Saurav’s Navamsa Chart Sun is placed in 11th house in sign of exaltation and having a mutual aspect combination with Mars. This is a very crucial and favorable placement and aspect. Both Sun as well as Mars are Karaka planets for Leo Ascendant. By grace of God both these planets are strongly placed in Saurav’s Chart. This combination is giving Saurav worldwide fame and success. At the same time we can see that Saturn is in Navamsa Chart is placed in 2nd house and is aspecting Sun which is placed in 11th house in Navamsa Chart. Saturn which is 6th and 7th Lord as per Natal Chart is a malefic and killer planet for Leo Ascendant and it’s aspect on Sun which is Ascendant Lord in Navamsa may create obstacles for him. As per Vedic Astrology 6th house is concerned with Enemies, competition, competitors, service, servants, relatives, mental tension, injuries, health, diseases, state of health, accidents and mental affliction. Therefore, aspecting Saturn over the Sun will create opponents; competitors and he may have to face competitions. It also indicates controversies for Saurav. However, by virtue of strong Ascendant Lord Sun, he will be able to overcome controversies and obstacles in the end.

In Saurav’s Natal Chart Aries Sign is there in 9th house and it’s Lord Mars is placed in 12th house in sign of debilitation along with Mercury and Ketu. However, due to placement of Saturn and Moon Mars is forming “Neechbhanga Rajyoga” which is signifying success after struggle and lot of hard work. We all know that in beginning of his Career Saurav was not successful and virtually shunted out of the Indian Team, but with his hard work and immense grit he made a outstanding comeback.

Now let us analyze the placement of Jupiter which is placed in 5th house. According to Vedic Astrology Jupiter is known as a Karaka Planet for Leo Ascendant. In Saurav’s Natal Chart Jupiter has acquired the lordship of 5th as well as the 8th house. 5th house represents Children, good deeds of previous lives, intelligence, creativity, knowledge, devotion, love affairs, speculation, gambling, affection, love , name , fame etc. while 8th house represents spiritual transformation, longevity, debts, inheritance, occult, unearned wealth, taxes, psychic powers. It is very evident that Saurav has astute knowledge of the game, power of judgment and quality of leadership. Under his leadership Indian Cricket Team has won various matches. Favorable placement of Jupiter in 5th house has given him the astuteness and power to lead and utilize his judgment favorably.

Let me now discuss Saurav’s prospects during the year 2007 and early part of 2008.

At present Saurav is under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti of Jupiter-Saturn which is ending on 25th of June 2007. Jupiter is placed in 5th house from where it is placed at 8th to Bhukti Lord Saturn. This placement is some times not very favorable as it gives mixed results and success comes after very hard work, but it is all set to end now.

After end of the Bhukti of Saturn Saurav is all set to be under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti of Jupiter-Mercury starting from 25th of June 2007. By the time you’d be reading this article Saurav would be on his flight to Ireland and UK tour. In Saurav’s Chart Mercury is placed in 12th house and is also placed at 8th to Dasha Lord Jupiter in the Natal Chart. During this period Saurav has to put his best foot forward and have to give his 100% in order to succeed. Success is indicated but with efforts , but one thing is sure , that he’d succeed and give better results on cricket field. There are indications of opponents trying to tarnish his image or provoke him in to doing some thing silly, but he’d be able to overcome all and put his stamp of authority. There are also a few indications that his relations with team management during this period may get a bit awry and get him in to some discomfort, but in the end things should be fine for him. This whole period indicates above normal success but consistency could be a vital factor. There are indications that he may score a few big knocks but fail in others and this may frustrate him as well his million fans.

After the end of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Jupiter-Mercury-Mercury the Antra of Ketu will commence from 20th of October which will end on 7th of December 2007. In Saurav’s Natal Chart Ketu is placed in 12th house. It is placed at 8th to Dasha Lord Jupiter and conjoined with Bhukti Lord Mercury. In this period Saurav will perform steadily and as per his reputation. Chances of success on Cricket field are good for him and there is every chance that he’d be able to consolidate his Career as well as reputation in this period, but as was the case in earlier Antra of Mercury this Antra also indicates hard work for him as well as the problem of inconsistency. This period also indicates a few family/personal tensions for him which may distract his concentration away from his game and focus.

After the end of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Jupiter-Mercury-Ketu, Saurav would be under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Jupiter-Mercury-Venus commencing from 7th of December and ending on 23rd of April 2008. In Saurav’s Chart Venus is placed in 10th house and is forming “ Malavya Rajyoga”, however it’s placement at 6th to Dasha Lord Jupiter may give a few problems to him, due to which he may have to put in extra efforts and call upon his reserves of concentration to succeed in this period. Overall a successful period is being indicated for him.

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