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Free Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Aries Love Compatibility
Gemini and Aries Love Compatibility
March 21-April 19 

Gemini and Gemini Love Horoscopes
Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility
April 20-May 20

Gemini is slow as compared to Aries , but when it comes to love making they are no less than Aries. In fact Gemini are very sensual whether men or women. Gemini are sensual and extremely possessive  More..

Gemini with Gemini is a boring match and not a very exciting combination for match making. Both are kind of conservative and do not like to takes any risk, but good thing is both are loyal to each other and hard working and have a respect for money and wont spend it unnecessarily. More..

Gemini and Gemini Love Horoscopes
Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility
May 21- June 21

Gemini and Cancer Love Horoscopes
Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility
June 22-July 22

This is a odd match as both are so different from each other. In fact they are just like chalk and cheese in similarity. Gemini people are adamant , fixed in opinion and nature , while Gemini on other hand is always on the move and change in a minute  More..

Gemini and Cancers are similar in lot of ways. Both love home and family, both are emotional creatures and very sentimental in nature. They kind of fill each other short comings as Gemini is usually very relaxed and plain speaking and is a good soothing effect for restless nature of cancer More..

Gemini and Leo love Horoscopes
Gemini and Leo love Compatibility
July 23-August 22
Gemini and Virgo love Horoscopes
Gemini and Virgo love Compatibility
August 23-September 22

This match may not work in long run. Leos are always in need of praise and adulation from every one and they would expect the same form Gemini , this might not suit and very much liked by the Gemini who will go deep in to its moods and get irritated by all this. More...

Gemini and Virgos are best matches and funny enough it is match just perfect and love at first sight for them. They both are intelligent and have affinity to same interests. They can make a great team and great life partners also. More...

Gemini and Libra Love Horoscopes
Gemini and Libra Love Compatibility
September 23-October 22
Gemini and Scorpio love Horoscopes
Gemini and Scorpio love Compatibility
October 23-November 21

Gemini and Libras are opposite and opposite attract so initially there could be a strong attraction between the two. They compensate each other in some areas like Libra’s passion is aroused by Gemini boldness. More..

As is the case with Virgos Gemini and Libra combination is a great one also. Gemini find libra partner a warm, compassionate and a charming one. Libras are born charmers and they could just sweet Gemini off their feet very quickly., More..

Gemini and Sagittarius love Horoscopes
Gemini and Sagittarius love Compatibility
November 22-December 21

Gemini and Capricorn love Horoscopes
Gemini and Capricorn love Compatibility
December 22-January 19

This relationship initially might look to last , but this could perhaps work if Gemini can reign in and check Sagittarius in their fickle nature. Both have a physical attraction to each other.   More..

Capricorn and Gemini are a good match. Both share serious approach towards life , which is both uncomplicated and very to the point. Capricorns are not very romantic so the romance may lack in this relationship, More..

Gemini and Aquarius love Horoscopes
Gemini and Aquarius love Compatibility
January 20-February 18

Gemini and Pisces love Horoscopes
Gemini and Pisces love Compatibility
February 19-March 20

Both are as different as chalk is from cheese. Neither one of them is going to like each other much. Gemini is old fashioned, conservative and very deliberate, while Aquarius is full of innovations , very unconventional and full of new ideas.  More..

Pisces are dreamers and live in their own world of fantasy while Gemini live in present and are practical so the practical nature of Gemini may not jell too much with the dreamer Pisces.  More..

 Gemini compatibility, Gemini love compatibility, Gemini love relationship, Gemini love matchmaking, Gemini compatibility horoscope, Gemini lovelife

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