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Career, Incomes and Gains in year 2010
During the beginning of the year 2010, Lagna lord Mars is transiting in Cancer! This is not a good transit. Due t this, there would be a lack of mental peace and concentration. You will not be capable to perform as per your reputation or good will. Especially, first quarter of the year is not going to very encouraging. Sudden and unexpected hurdles will spoil your career prospects. Thus, you need to keep on working without many expectations. All the financial transitions should be executed with utter caution.

But, later things will turn in your favor and you might do well. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of the year might be encouraging. It is true that your first quarter of the year was not so good. You faced several problems, which were connected to career and finance. However, there is no need to being worried because astrologically, your good period will start from April. From this month onward, success will come into your way. If you are working somewhere, you can expect a cherished promotion or rise in career. From this month onward, you would be well known and reputed person at your work place. Those who are running their business might enter into new profitable deals. Your business will spread beyond than your expectations. Especially, gains through foreign countries would be on peak.

Love, Family and Social Life
During the 2010, Due to influence of retrograde Mars on 7th house as well as 7th lord, you might face some obstacles in your personal life. Possibly, both of you may not like to follow each otherís advice. Even there would be disputes on avoidable matters also. To minimize disputes or hot arguments, you need to control your unlimited desires; it is not better to live in memories. You should not have many expectations with your spouse otherwise it may be cause of separation or unlatching nature and attitude. Family atmosphere will be full of all tensions and distress. You may also have different kind of thinking than your friends.

Education and Traveling
During the year 2010, Transiting planets are fully capable to give auspicious and encouraging outcomes related to education or study. However, during the 3rd and 4th quarter transit of Sun will produce some problems related to education. Therefore, pre-planning and hard work is needed. Results may not be as per your expectations or satisfaction. Chances of long distance journeys are bright.

Lagna lord Mars is retrograde and transiting Cancer. Hence, during the year 2010 you may not have any major disease except minor weakness and diseases.

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Career, Incomes and Gains in the year 2010

During the beginning of the year 2010, Lagna lord Venus would be transiting in 8th house! Later, it will move into 9th house on 14th of January. Thus, the first and second quarters of the year are going to very encouraging for you. If you are in a job, you can expect expansion in professional life. Now you may obtain much responsibilities and authority. Due to your outstanding performance, you will be fully capable to gain favors at work place. Your contacts with reputed and higher authorities will you to gain maximum. If you are planning to conceding change the job, your wish may come to true. You might get an offer from reputed multinational firms. Even chances of going abroad would be bright during the first quarter of the year. Overall, you need to put your best so that you could utilize planetary grace.

The third quarter of the year could be problematic where your career and finance is concerned. Now planets are not going to give results satisfactory. You might be worried and tensed due to slow career growth and heavy work burden. Astrologically, it would be better to keep on working without many expectations.

During the fourth quarter of the year 2010 things will start to work in your favor. During this year, 1st and 2nd quarters of the years were very encouraging. But, unfortunately, you faced some problems during the 3rd quarter of the year. However, the last quarter of the year is going to help you a lot. Now you will have enough courage and motivation to overcome all kinds of hindrances. Undoubtedly, there would be a remarked success and career growth during the last or 4th quarter of the year.

Love, Family and Social Life
Transiting Jupiter in 10th house is good. Due to it, you may develop very sweet and loving feelings in your heart. If you are eligible, wedding bells might ring for you.

However, due to transit of 7th lord Mars in 3rd house, there would be some problems in married life, especially in 1st and 2nd quarter of the year. Disputes and misunderstanding are quite possible. Not a right time for love and romance. You and your spouse may not like to provide mutual cooperation and support.

Astrologically, 3rd and 4th quarters of the year would be favorable. Thus, you might maintain cordial relations with your spouse in 3rd and 4th quarters of the year 2010.

Education and Traveling
Due to transit of planets in the year 2010, there may be lack of your concentration. You have to do your best. If, youíll sincerely do your study and preparation exams, you might get success due to aspect of Jupiter over the 4th and transit of Saturn over the 5th.

Due to planetary influence, chances of going out of city for education will increase after middle of the year 2010.

Due to transit of Venus, you may have to face health problems in this entire year 2010. Health may be sluggish in this year and as such you need to be careful in this year.

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Career, Incomes and Gains in the year 2010

In year 2010 10th lord Jupiter is transiting in 9th house. This is a highly fortunate transit of Jupiter in terms of career growth and enhancement in income. There can be significant changes in your life due to such kind transit of Jupiter. You might get more respect in the office. Your income will increase. If you are thinking about a job change, it might be a good idea. You can implement this idea because you deserve for this. This year's first quarter is going to be very encouraging for you. If you are interested towards speculation and stock market, you are free to invest your hard earned money. Especially, the first and second quarters of the year will give better opportunities of making good money.

The third quarter of the year would be giving ordinary or normal outcomes. Gains and expenditures both would be there at the same time. Planets are not indicating any significant change. You need to put your best efforts to control useless expenditures.

The fourth quarter of the year will bring happiness and prosperity. If you are in service then there would be no key problem related to your career and finance. However, you should control your risk taking tendencies. It would be better not to go towards speculation or stock market.

Love, Family and Social Life
Due to transit of 5th lord Venus and Lagna lord Mercury in 7th house, there are finest chances of converting your love into marriage. Overall, the beginning of year might be source of love marriage.

If you are already, than you can expect expected love and emotional support towards your spouse. Especially, first and second quarters of the year would be highly favorable.

3rd and 4th phases of the year are going to produce some problems in married or personal life. You might have some dispute and quarrels with your life partners. Family atmosphere will not be cordial, especially; you may have dispute and arguments with your spouse.

Education and Traveling
8th lord Saturn is transiting over the 4th house. This is not favorable transit of Saturn, therefore, you may not be able to perform as per as your natural talent. Unexpected obstacles may try to block way of success. Hence, you may have to do hard work. Nothing is coming effortlessly. There are good chances of traveling this year. These traveling may be gainful.

Planets are indicating you may suffer due to chronic diseases and lower body pain. If, youíre already heart patience, you should be extra careful. Transit of a few malefic and unfavorable planets may provide obstacles.

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Career, Incomes and Gains in year 2010

During the year 2010, you can perform much better than previous year. Now you will find yourself full of enthusiasm and zeal. Exiting ventures or projects will prove profitable. The Ventures, which are already running would be good for you. Income would be more and expenses will be lower. There would be an enhancement in your respect. Now you will be able to live a dignified life.

Your relationship with your partners will remain very good. You will profit more from the relationship especially abroad. Surely this year might be Lucky for you. Thus, you should be ready to enjoy much comfortable professional life.

However, the middle phase of the year would be producing some problems related to career and finance. Especially, your friends and associates will try to block your way of success. You are advised not to keep much faith on associates as well as friends. Moreover, you should not consider about change the job.

The last quarter of the year will be revolving the circumstances in your favor. You would be honored for your contribution. Additionally, you might have a chance of career growth or promotion.

Love, Family and Social Life
The year 2010 is a mixed period for love related matters. If you are in love with someone and interested in getting married with her/him, the first and second quarters will not support you at all. You might have to wait till the 3rd and 4th quarters of the year to convert you love into marriage and obtaining a legal license of marriage.

Additionally, you might maintain very cordial relations with your sibling and parents.

Education and Traveling
First quarter of the year is it not good for education related matters. You might have to face hindrances and your concentration may spoil. Your inclination towards unproductive activities may enhance. Therefore, you should try to control your inner feelings. Planets are not indicating about fruitful and profitable journeys. You should try to avoid journeys; these may bring frustration and expenditures.

You must take care of your health planets are indicating, you may suffer due to health related problems. Frequently you may visit to doctors and spend them.

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 2010 Horoscope and astrology, 2010 forecast, 2010 predictions, 2010 astrology readings, 2010 astrology horoscope, 2010 sun sign predictions by Kamal Kapoor

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