Free Scorpio July Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Scorpio July monthly 2017 horoscope

Saturn's transit is adverse and you will find disturbances at work place. Behavior of close people will be disturbing. On the other hand Jupiter's transit will be the saving grace and it will provide you with the relief you are looking for in this period. Moon and Mercury transits will prove to be beneficial for family and social life. Ketu transit will be bad for your as well as parents health , but on the other hand will be good for academic pursuits.

Scorpio July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn Sade-Sati is continuing in your chart. In transit, Saturn is crossing over your Moon-sign. Termed as the period of 'Janma-Shani', this is the most adverse transit of Saturn, and you should remain very careful and cautious; this transit is likely to produce some decidedly unfavorable results in certain respects. Developments at your workplace may become very disturbing, and you may have to overcome a series of obstacles and impediments. Your own people may lose sympathy and concern for you, and rude behavior of someone very close to may cause you great pains. Your source of earnings may dry up. Fortunately Jupiter's transit is favorable for you and adverse effects of Saturn's transit will some what will be offsetted by this transit. Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 11th from your Moon-sign. This is a favorable transit, and the duration (of about a year) will be joyful and bright with happiness. The gloomy clouds, which had been looming large in recent past, will clear away and you will regain your optimism and enthusiasm. You will have success in your efforts, your earnings will receive a boost and you will have gains from more than one source. Your popularity will increase and your circle of friends and acquaintances will become more widened.

Scorpio July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Moon and Mercury transits are favorable for family and social life this period. You will have a very enjoyable and satisfying time. You will be successful in your endeavours, and your popularity in the circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances will increase. Your domestic life will be blissful and happy -- as your home will be filled with resounding laughter. You will receive favors and benefits from others -- including your in-laws, and you will have access to other peoples' accumulated funds for investment purposes. Your family-life will be happy and joyful; some of your relatives may arrive at your place and/ or you may go to a relative's place for enjoying a few days. Your children, with their progress in extra-curricular activities, will become a source of pride to you.

Scorpio July Education and Traveling horoscope

Ketu in transit is crossing over the 4th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favorable Transit for health reasons , but if you are engaged in academic or intellectual pursuits, then you will have good progress and look forward to coming out successful in flying colors. Good time for planning traveling for vacation as well as professional reasons.

Scorpio July Health horoscope

Ketu in transit is crossing over the 4th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favorable transit. The health and well-being of either of your parents may cause you some concern, and one of your children also may not remain in good health.

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