Free Libra July Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Libra July monthly 2017 horoscope

Saturn is back in 2nd house from 3rd week of June and that means saturn's sade sati is prevailing in it's last phase. You will experience tension and reduction in income /losses etc in business. Jupiter's transit is also adverse for you , so there is not much respite. Saturn's transit is adverse for your family and social life also. Rahu transit is favorable for traveling and educational pursuits. Moon and Mars transits are adverse for your health and family's health.

Libra July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn Transit moved from 3rd house to 2nd house now which means Saturn Sade-Sati is continuing in your chart; and it is in it's last phase. In transit, Saturn is crossing over the 2nd from your Moon-sign. You may face many problems owing to decrease of earnings and blockage of funds; facing confiscations or incurring losses also appears to be quite possible. You should therefore remain very careful in respect of monetary dealings. Unfortunately Jupiter's transit is also not positive. Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 12th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favorable transit, and you have to exercise care and caution for the purpose of keeping the prevailing adverse influences closely under check. You should avoid speculative investments and money-lending altogether and remain less optimistic about your expectations from others. You may incur losses or face an uneasy situation owing to blockage of funds; your relatives and friends might prove to be rather unhelpful, for which you may become very unhappy.

Libra July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Saturn Transit moved from 3rd house to 2nd house now which means Saturn Sade-Sati is continuing in your chart; and it is in it's last phase. This transit is not good for family life also. Your family-members might become more self-centered and/ or emotional, while at the same time becoming very impatient as well; sudden emotional outbursts might become frequent and even quarrels may break out in your family. You may lack peace of mind and satisfaction altogether; you may find no way out, and feel miserable and helpless.

Libra July Education and Traveling horoscope

Rahu in transit is crossing over the 11th from your Moon-sign. This is a highly favorable transit, and you will start trotting on the road to prosperity with the aspiration to explore the territories lying beyond the horizon. Some of your ambitions will be realized and long cherished desires will be fulfilled. You may have the opportunity to go to a very distant or foreign place on some important errand, on successful completion of which you would return home back. You are very much likely to form partnership or collaboration with some wealthy person or group belonging to a different caste, community or religion; from this, you will be able to further your interests. Similar good time for students and especially for those ones who are preparing for competitive examinations. Your efforts for gaining admission in universities abroad will give the desired results.

Libra July Health horoscope

The Moon and Mars transits are not good for you. Physically, you might feel indisposed and health and well-being of your children may cause you some concern. Although your mother will remain in good health, the health and well-being of your father may cause you some concern.

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