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Monthly Horoscope and Monthly Astrology

Aries Monthly Horoscopes
Aries July Monthly Astrology
March 21-April 19 

Your commitment on work will give success in slow motion; simultaneously it will impact on social status in positive mode. Put control on your impulse and egoistic moods. You will get identity by fulfilling needs in personal and profession life as well. Procrastinate results gives disappointments but donít lose confidence. Sudden monetary gains keep you surprise; pending works with government officials will come to conclusion. You will be interested in everything that looks pleasant. Health would be normal and you need to take proper food in time.
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Taurus Monthly Horoscopes
Taurus July Monthly Astrology
April 20-May 20

This month you may receive unexpected help from people in power. You can exhibit your talent, but donít expect overnight results. In mid-month you start noticing some positive changes; your children will be helpful to you at all times. Your financial position will come to better, there might be slight ups and downs, donít plan anything in advance. You should be careful with secretive enemies and their indirect attacks on you, distance yourself from them. Women will buy new dresses and jewels. Traveling plans especially the long distances will hit comfortably and you may chance for good number of travels.
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Gemini Monthly Horoscopes
Gemini July Monthly Astrology
May 21- June 21

This month seems to be normal. With your harsh tone you may face some obstacles in personal and professional front. Your stamina and energy levels will be good, but it may chance to turn into over excitement, fluctuating thoughts may change your plan of action, your over confidence may put you in worry. You will attain good position in profession, and it will increase your income level. It would be better to control your expenditures.
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Cancer Monthly Horoscopes
Cancer July Monthly Astrology
June 22-July 22

This month you face challenges, and feel as you have to prove yourself all the time. Keep your temper under control and avoid displeasure with whom you are supposed to take care. Practice more self-restraint and be more careful about how you treat others. Treat yourself to a calm and relaxing break, use the time to readjust plans and coordinate them with your partner and your family. You find it difficult to make up your mind about exactly what to do but you feel it has to be something meaningful.
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Leo Monthly Horoscopes
Leo July Monthly Astrology
July 23-August 22

This month is excellent in all-ways and means. You are able to state and define your point of view convincingly in every situation that occurs. Try to deal with as many outstanding issues and plan for the future as you possibly can. In all things a healthy balance is required, take a break when time permits and, riding your bike or long walks help you relax and unwind after a time of intense deliberations. New contacts in your social circle may come, and try to utilize for future improvements.
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Virgo Monthly Horoscopes
Virgo July Monthly Astrology
August 23-September 22

  A beneficial month is ahead for all those who are born under this sign. Financial earnings, social respect, and honors may increase. Financial problems may be cleared step by step; you will find income greater than expenditure. You may be able to enlarge your social contacts, and also visit some religious places. Work pressure will put you dedicated more hours to office and consumes your personal time, but this give identity and honor at work place. Additional responsibilities in professional front may put pressure in finishing the assignments in stipulated time. Health would be normal and need to take energetic drinks.
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Libra Monthly Horoscopes
Libra July Monthly Astrology
September 23-October 22

This month will be a test time to you. There will be mental unrest and some of legal matters may get temporarily postpone for hearings. Try not to feel dissatisfied with your circumstances and be realistic in actions instead of needlessly having impractical feelings. Your noticeably fearless approach will give the stamina to tackle any task. Health complications to your family may put you stress; even relations with colleagues and superiors will strain as well. You may not handle well your general affairs and particularly in finances and relationships.
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Monthly Scorpio Horoscopes and Scorpio Astrology
Scorpio July Monthly Astrology
October 23-November 21

This is a normal month ahead. Financial stress will come down slowly; you will control expenses intellectually. Your gestures of friendliness are appreciated and under these circumstances the smallest kindness you do can lead to deep friendship and any existing relationships can be deepened. You intuitively know what best; offer help is at the right moment to give happiness to all.
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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscopes and Sagittarius Astrology
Sagittarius July Monthly Astrology
November 22-December 21

This month will be average. You could see sudden rise and fall in personal and professional front. Your efforts and attempts may prove vain. There could be disagreements and tiffs with friends. With your confidence level you will try to best to get success which will be normal. Everything seems to be going against you; this can cause depression. Social contacts will be average and you should put proper communication with social circle.
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Monthly Capricorn Horoscopes and Capricorn Astrology
Capricorn July Monthly Astrology
December 22-January 19

Everything will seem to be perfect and you will find yourself in control of your circumstances. Your social circle may increase and new friends will join. Your behavior will be energetic to the opposite sex. Attaining personal goals will be much suitable to do so. There might be a tussle between your mind and your heart. Think twice before you take any decision. Working women may see encouraging situations in personal and professional front. You may go shopping to purchase valuable items.
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Monthly Aquarius Horoscopes and Aquarius Astrology
Aquarius July Monthly Astrology
January 20-February 18

This month will be quite average. The responsibilities and work pressure in profession will increase steadily, get ready to handle them. Financially this month is not much well. You will be worried regarding your children growth, be attentive to them. Try to maintain the family peace throughout the month. You will also earn your respect by doing the social works. You can take good control of adverse situations. Health will be average this month.
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Monthly Pisces Horoscopes and Pisces Astrology
Pisces July Monthly Astrology
February 19-March 20

This proves to be a fantastic month. Your long-term pending issues may get resolved smoothly. There may be a chance of getting some huge financial benefits from old debts. It is a time to increase social circle and especially your presence is required in social events. Enhancement of family could happen, and you will get additional responsibilities. There may be a chance of child birth and this month filled with colors and auspicious functions.
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