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Monthly Horoscope and Monthly Astrology

Aries Monthly Horoscopes
Aries April Monthly Astrology
March 21-April 19 

This month you may get good results. Your activities and commitment in work will produce excellent results and it will impact on social status with due respect. Try to enhance your family relations and be in good terms with your neighbours, near and dear; a soft and yielding approach will be helpful in all aspects. Things may get procrastinate and may give somehow disappointments but be confident attend your responsibilities properly. You should take timely food, and could see some happy moments in personal and professional life. You need to implement some changes in personal life which will be worked out.
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Taurus Monthly Horoscopes
Taurus April Monthly Astrology
April 20-May 20

You will be in a better frame of mind and once made a decision to do something, nothing can make change it. You will work very hard and will leave no stone unturned to achieve your aims and objectives. You will be in full of romantic thoughts, and spend more time with family. Women will buy new dresses and jewels and be careful while driving. It is time to take proper care and protection to your kids from infectious diseases. You may receive unexpected help from people in power and position, however donít expect overnight results. It is time to change your work style and need to put more efforts. Your presence in social events or get-together functions may give positive impact.
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Gemini Monthly Horoscopes
Gemini April Monthly Astrology
May 21- June 21

It is an encouraging month for finishing of pending projects. Hard work will be the key for your success. The gains might be limited and vigilance on expenditure is must. Children related matters will have to be handled carefully. There will be normalcy in family matters. Auspicious events will take place at home. Donít give any such oral commitments, if you give any such should be done in an appropriate manner. Social status will increase this month comfortably and your plan of action, and implementing way could give scope for more new level of communication.
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Cancer Monthly Horoscopes
Cancer April Monthly Astrology
June 22-July 22

This month you may face normal situations but surely would give fine solutions. Your mind may easily get diverted towards immoral activities during the beginning of the month. You think for changing of life pattern and try as well, but it could not give much change in action. Communication with opposite gender should do properly and carefully, it may have chance to get dishonours from opposite gender. Health of your father would need attention during the end of the month; Mother may suffer due to problems in stomach and legs. Try to be in good terms with your relatives. Pending household activities will be finished with stress.
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Leo Monthly Horoscopes
Leo April Monthly Astrology
July 23-August 22

This month will be normal and you will feel burst of strength and activity. There will be monetary growth in profession, it is necessary to avoid argumentative discussions with higher-ups. Domestic happiness would be normal and chance of expansion in personal life or you may enter into joint family. You will actively take part in religious activities this will enhance social circle in a broad way. Health of spouse and paternal elders may be delicate. Friends may approach you for financial help. Expenditure on children may increase.
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Virgo Monthly Horoscopes
Virgo April Monthly Astrology
August 23-September 22

  This month seems to be a mixed month. Your sharp tongue and ego may need to be kept in check as it may place you in embarrassing situations at work as well as with family members. Government contracts may be continuously delayed. This is a test time for those waiting for marriage, and conjugal life would be average. Try to understand your partner and privacy is must. You will not show much interest and miss social get-together functions which are prioritized. You may face disappointments in managing finance; there can be slight gains and money will adjust with minor problems.
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Libra Monthly Horoscopes
Libra April Monthly Astrology
September 23-October 22

This month would progressive in all-ways and means. You could see better financial condition but should think twice before putting any such expense. Conjugal bliss may give confidence and strength to resolve end number of issues positively. You should be careful while driving the vehicles as there may be possibility of unforeseen circumstances. You will able to resolve some of your pending issues confidently. Try to build your sense of security and confidence, social status will be good and new members may join in your communication circle.
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Monthly Scorpio Horoscopes and Scorpio Astrology
Scorpio April Monthly Astrology
October 23-November 21

This month will be a relief month. Family matters would see an improvement but still some caution would be advisable. Fluctuating thoughts may disturb you and try to avoid any controversy or any adverse speech about any of the family members. Try to be in good terms with your children and their health needs to be taken care. You need to increase social status as the scope of opportunities may give you to that extent. Take care minor health issues which may become major on negligence.
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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscopes and Sagittarius Astrology
Sagittarius April Monthly Astrology
November 22-December 21

This month will be an encouraging month, and would end with positive & happy note. You will be progressive in work and confidently will control all the things. Luck would be with you and there will be good amount of gains and support from people all around you. In social contacts, your behavior and way of action will be attracted by many persons and enhance your contacts. Creative work will give you good returns and social appreciation. Your children are prone to suffer from Sun stroke, fever, cold and cough. New changes in life gives happy and pleasure, this also increases your level of confidence.
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Monthly Capricorn Horoscopes and Capricorn Astrology
Capricorn April Monthly Astrology
December 22-January 19

It is a good month for Capricorns. Your dreams and efforts will be realized; even you can start a new plan of action both in personal and professional as well. You will meet your friends and there could be an occasion for social gathering. You will be in control of yourself and will be able to chart out a progress map. Fear, worry and stress from last month will give way to a sense of reassurance and confidence. Children will do well, and their growth will give immense satisfaction. However, you need to be careful of their health. Circle of social communication may increase and you may get some personal help.
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Monthly Aquarius Horoscopes and Aquarius Astrology
Aquarius April Monthly Astrology
January 20-February 18

This month will be a normal month. Family life will go positively, try to show your patience more this time. Children will do well and you will be in good terms with them. Birth or conception of child is likely this month. Stay away from worries and fear or else it will disturb your mental peace. It would be better to avoid committing yourself to any major events during the first half of the month. Get-together functions may give happiness and you need to act smartly in parties. There might be more responsibilities during the last week.
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Monthly Pisces Horoscopes and Pisces Astrology
Pisces April Monthly Astrology
February 19-March 20

This month it would be average. You may get stuck in getting gains from various sources; your hard efforts may not be in better way for resolving issues. It may create confusion and may chance of hyper tension on behaviour. You should be in limit with the opposite gender; otherwise they may try to pull in controversies. Family life will go average, and there may be some miscommunication. Social contacts may give some improvement to increase communication. You need to see some major changes in profession, but with your laziness some of them may be missed out. Pay attention towards the health of your spouse and children.
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