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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>September Monthly Astrology  and September Monthly Horoscopes 2014

Monthly Horoscope and Monthly Astrology

Aries Monthly Horoscopes
Aries September Monthly Astrology
March 21-April 19 

This month offers mixed influences. The period for profession is propitious; you will develop good contacts and make beneficial deals. In business new collaborations and for distant journeys gives scope for development. In service, there will be improvements in respect of rank and remunerations. The position however is not so good for the health and wellbeing of parents, health of your spouse may also be affected. You should also remain careful during movement as you will be prone to sustain injuries resulting from fall.
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Taurus Monthly Horoscopes
Taurus September Monthly Astrology
April 20-May 20

This is an auspicious month. Your home life will be peaceful happy and joyous. You will have excellent prosperity in the sphere of profession and you will have gains from various sources; having large gains from government sources or from big contracts is very likely. You will acquire many new articles of luxury and comfort which will improve your lifestyle; you may buy a new vehicle, spend a lot for interior decorations and acquire precious ornaments; your house may have a face-lift and acquire a more attractive look.
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Gemini Monthly Horoscopes
Gemini September Monthly Astrology
May 21- June 21

This month you will be confident and highly active in works. You will become charming conversationalist having due regards for ethics. You may have many short distance journeys or pleasure trips. All your endeavors will be successful and you will obtain good results with least of efforts. You will have gains from contracts and speculative deals. You will fulfill all your commitments and set new goals for yourself which you will be able to achieve at ease. You will have victory over your enemies and your popularity will considerably increase.
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Cancer Monthly Horoscopes
Cancer September Monthly Astrology
June 22-July 22

This would be a better month. Your endeavors will produce good results and your reputation will increase steadily. You may have many short distance journeys or pleasure trips. All your endeavors will be successful and you will obtain good results with your sincere efforts. You will have gains from contracts and speculative deals you will fulfill all your commitments and set new goals for yourself which you will be able to achieve at ease.
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Leo Monthly Horoscopes
Leo September Monthly Astrology
July 23-August 22

You will be fortunate and happy during the month. You will have gains from speculation and entertainment field as well. Your financial position will considerably improve. As regards your health, you may suffer from minor ailments in connection with your eyes. Your children make you proud with their extraordinary accomplishments. You will develop cordial relationship with some influential persons for which you will be benefitted. You will receive favors from authorities and will have good gains from government sources. There could be some joyous get-togethers or auspicious celebrations in the family.
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Virgo Monthly Horoscopes
Virgo September Monthly Astrology
August 23-September 22

  This month you will become very bold and courageous, a hard taskmaster and a person of determined type. Your qualities will help you to fulfill all your commitments and achieve a lot. You will become a source of inspiration to others. You will befriend persons from the higher walks of life and will receive benefits through their active assistance. You may have many short journeys in connection with profession. Your reputation and popularity will increase and your enemies will meet with total destruction.
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Libra Monthly Horoscopes
Libra September Monthly Astrology
September 23-October 22

This month you will have favorable time. You will do exceedingly well in your sphere of profession; your ability take you in to a prestigious rank. Your enemies will totally vanquish. You will become highly popular in your acquaintance circle and will have gains from various sources your income will receive a boost and you will amass wealth. All the sources of wastage or drainage of funds will be minimized and you will make prudent investments. Your assets and precious possession will increase with all the members of your family; you will enjoy life in in luxury and comfort.
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Monthly Scorpio Horoscopes and Scorpio Astrology
Scorpio September Monthly Astrology
October 23-November 21

This is highly favorable position and you will be fortune. With your least efforts you will obtain the very best of results one can ever aspire for and you will surpass all your contemporaries straight in one go. You will receive special favors and benefits from authorities and all the government sources. You will receive acclaim for your meritorious deeds and may win some coveted prize or gain due to recognition of your talents.
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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscopes and Sagittarius Astrology
Sagittarius September Monthly Astrology
November 22-December 21

This is an encouraging month ahead. Financially things will improve much faster than expected. Family and personal life will be normal but health wise things will be normal. Gains through your close and dearest friends are indicated. You will have good number of personal and professional trips and that gives financial profits. Control your impulse nature on unnecessary things. Your social circle will enlarge speedily, and you may get honors.
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Monthly Capricorn Horoscopes and Capricorn Astrology
Capricorn September Monthly Astrology
December 22-January 19

This is you will become more active and optimistic. You will acquire a fearless attitude and your enemies will suffer defeat and humiliation. If you are engaged in academic, intellectual or artistic pursuits, you will have good progress. Your concentration will increase and you will try to comprehend the deeper meanings. You will be very successful in understanding human nature which will be advantageous to you to surpass your contemporaries and to vanquish your enemies. Life in foreign countries will fascinate you and you will look for opportunity.
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Monthly Aquarius Horoscopes and Aquarius Astrology
Aquarius September Monthly Astrology
January 20-February 18

This moth your intellectuality will give identity with success. You will not only reap the harvest of your own endeavors you are currently putting in but also of that which you have invested earlier. In business due to your hard efforts your earnings will receive a big boost. Your sense of humor gives new ways to communication circle. You may face health complications related to nerves and stomach.
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Monthly Pisces Horoscopes and Pisces Astrology
Pisces September Monthly Astrology
February 19-March 20

Progressive month ahead; you will have victory over your enemies and you may win in competitions if you are to sit for any competitive examinations, you can look forward to come out successful with flying colors. You will remain in good health but some of your family members may not be; particularly your mother may face some problems. If you are entangled in a law-suit, that is very likely to end in your favor.
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