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What's in a name

Your name is extremely important as it is how you identify yourself. You are known and identified by your name to the outside world. A name is the unique part of language that is attached and given to you by your parents or relatives. Your name affects your overall pattern of thinking, including mental strengths and weaknesses. What does my name mean?

Every name has a meaning. It is said more you are called by your name, more you would inherit the qualities related to your particular name. You can see all around that some people are naturally detailed; others are disorganized. Some are promoters; others are teachers. Some are people-oriented; others are loners. Some are technical; others are inspirational. Some are happy and optimistic; others are satirically contemptuous of others. Some are reliable; others are indifferent. Some are intellectual; others live in their feelings. These thinking patterns are to a great extent dependant upon the name and the meaning of that name which a person has been given by parents.

We are providing you a simple way to know what your name means, what it is hiding inside you. Are you using the name with good meaning or you are increasing negativity in yourself. If you find any name giving some negative results, it is better to change the name. Find out the true meaning of your name right now.

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Is your name favorable or unfavorable for you ?

Is your name giving you the desired positive results?

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People often ask you what your name means. If the answer is yes then you come to right website where you can search the complete meaning of your name and all of your questions like What Does My Name Mean, What is the meaning of my name or what’s in a name. is the right place where you can get in depth meaning of your name with origin.

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