Free Libra 2016 Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Libra 2016 Horoscope

2016 is going to be a fruitful year in all aspects. Reunion with family members and friends will keep your spirits high. You will receive good news from your siblings. Health of elders needs attention. You may fulfill some of your long pending desires. There would be growth and progress for children. There will be awards to your performance in arts. Great honors from government body is been seen with your vast communications. There will be special gifts from your family for your activities rendered in attending family needs. You will spend happy times with your children and family.

2016 libra Career Horoscope, Incomes and Gains

During 2016 the placement of Saturn in 2nd house is normal and gives average results. Jupiter placement will be strong and supportive. Rahu and Ketu placements seem to be average in giving results. Those who are working as part of a team may have to deal with some controversies. Team members could be competitive but eventually you will be able to overcome them and get the work done. Avoid getting influenced by rumors or any misunderstanding that you are not directly aware of. Professionals will be able to realize their goals. You will work towards shaping your career. Work environment will be aggressive, with lot of hard work. Some projects may get delayed due to other involvements. There will be support from friends and colleagues. However, there are also chances for ego clashes. Gains from career would peak now. Your habit of acting without thinking and not trusting others are some of the additional reasons.

Ego and overconfidence might also take you down, if you keep on acting the same. Everything lies in your hands. Prioritize things accordingly and differentiate between what is important and what is not. Whether it is anything related to lending or borrowing money or any major decision, discussing about it with experienced people is a must for you. Inflow of funds from various sources will make you comfortable in financial matters. You will be able to save well. However, it would be better to avoid lavish spending. Expenses with regard to business will come down and gains will increase. Business associates would be friendly but you should not blindly believe anybody. In the year 2016 stock market would yield good results.

2016 libra Love Horoscope, Family and Social Life

Unmarried will tie the knot in 2016. Existing relationships will be better than before. Controversies and verbal conflicts should be avoided for maintaining smoothness. Couples should encourage clear and healthy communication to avoid misunderstandings and misplaced thoughts. Married couples too may feel some heat this month. Confrontations may spoil the harmony. You need to be careful and at the same time be clear and straight in your dealings with your spouse for better relationships this year. Mutual understanding and interest are a must to save your relation and take it further. Continuous arguments are possible with your child. You might get reasons to worry, as health of your child looks getting affected.

2016 libra Education Horoscope and Traveling

It will be a favorable month for students. Your creative and thinking abilities will be good and you will do well in exams. Avoid controversies with your teachers or superiors. Students need to put some extra effort to gain desirable success. They will form new friendship which may give some scope for future progress. Some of you may start doing self-improvement which works well during the second half of 2016. The planetary position indicates that travelling will be beneficial. During the trips, you might have to make another trip. Take proper care of your important things while travelling. Make sure to maintain a proper balance diet during the trips. Both personal as well as business trips are seen in your chart.

2016 libra Health Horoscope

Health will remain positive during the year 2016, although you may have worries about some illness. Health problems like common cold and cough will be seen during this month. Do not get unnecessarily worried about your health. Exercising regularly can help you in staying away from these and many more ailments. Other alternative that will do wonders for you is massage therapy. Take good care of your legs and feet's. Nothing major will disturb you this year; still, it is better to take care.

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