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Sphatik Accessories

The Sphatik is also known as mountain crystal or rock crystal. In ancient and present cultures Sphatik is one of the most sacred stones. Sphatik is the common material, essence of rock which used for creating fashion accessories. These Sphatik beads are frequently used in arrangement with Rudraksha and Coral beads, Semiprecious stones, etc. Some of the Sphatik accessories are also used for healing. Here are different Sphatik accessories are available like:

Sphatik Bracelets:

The Bracelets of Sphatik are made of pure crystal beads. It is cord with gold or silver by variable hooks making appropriate space in between them. The Sphatik bracelets are worn to get bravery, power, energy, vitality and defense from disapproval. This bracelets are comes in different colors and cord with other beads of Rudraksha, Coral, etc to get maximum advantages.

Sphatik Malas:

Sphatik or quartz crystal is supposed to be the purest gem amongst all other Gems. This Crystal is a semi-precious jewel and found simply. Quartz crystal has natural capability to disperse negative energy. Sphatik Crystal Malas have a controlling energy and the quality of these beads is referring by its plainness. Mainly the Sphatik beads are used to get relieve from stress, headaches and generally support healing and increases intuition. It is best for those who do logical job and have attention in religious activities.

According to the Vedic Sphatik is associated to Planet Venus and is used as a replacement for diamond. Sphatik malas are basically used as an accessory as healing purposes. Sphatik crystal creates an electrochemical balance in the body thus removing fretfulness and calming a person. This Sphatic Crystal Mala will carry cleanness and simplicity to your japa and meditation perform. This Sphatic Crystal Mala includes 108+1 Round 9mm. These Clear Quartz Crystal Prayer Beads. The Sphatik malas help in soothing the mind, increasing concentration, cooling the body and top become quiet life.

Sphatik Pendants:

Sphatik or Quartz crystal is a gift given by earth and a good conductor of energy. The capacity of Sphatik is to increase or strengthen the positive things in you and make free from causes you fear or anger. Sphatic Crystal is used in many accessories in which pendant are one of them. Sphatik pendants are accessible in lots of designs and shapes. It can be worn around the neck. Sphatik pendants are generally bounded in genuine silver. The size of Sphatic crystal pendants is 2-3 centimeters approximately. Some of the Pendants are available in different varieties as:

Om Namah Shivay Pendant:

Om Namah Shivay Sphatic Pendant is hand made and enclose in silver. It symbolizes the Lord Shiva, blessing it get beloved of Lord Shiva. "Om Namah Shivay" is printed on it. Normally the size of pendant is about 2-3 centimeters.

Shree Pendant:

Sphatic Shree Yantra Pendant is one of the most favorable, significant and controlling Yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. In the opinion of Indian scriptures, "Shree" is sign of wealth and profusion. This pendant is mainly for the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. "Shree" is printed on the Pendant. It is hand crafted and covered by the silver; its size varies 2-3 centimeters. Crystal Shree Yantra is for prosperity and success as per Vastu and feng shui.

Swastik Pendant:

Swastik is the one which created by man itself. It is made of two words - "Su" and "As". "Su" means welfare, purity and "As" means power, leadership, life and existence. The meaning of "Swasti" is power of purity. It symbolizes the Lord Ganesha with the four arms which stand for four arms of Lord Ganesha and the "+" sign representing his body. It is a sign of wealth and tranquility. Previous to opening any good work most of the people perform 'SWASTIMANTRA'. Swastik is also worn at any festival like Depavali or an occasion like marriage. Sphatik Swastik pendant is imprinted on crystal and is covered in silver and size is usually about 2-3 centimeters.

Om Pendant:

Om or Aum is very holy symbol in Hinduism. Aum (OM) is the sound of the infinite. The Sphatik is a snow rock crystal and comes in purest and most favorable gem in the world. Sphatik is a clear transparent, glistening and smooth stone. Sphatic symbolize our effort for clarity. The base of crystal is generally dense and solid. It is believed that Aum is the essence of all mantras or chief of all matras or divine word (shabda), Brahman (ultimatereality)itself.

A stands for Creation,
U stands for Preservation
M stands for Destruction or dissolution

This shows the God Trinity in Hindu dharma which includes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. All these three parts of AUM relate to states of waking, dream and deep sleep and the three gunas rajas, satva, tamas. These three letters also symbolizes the existence of three planes, heaven (swarga), earth (martya) and netherworld (patala). In the Human organs A is produced by the throat, U & M by the lips. Sphatik pendant are handcrafted adorned with "Om" it is covered with sterling silver and size of is to about 2-3centimeters.

Trishul Pendant:

"Trishul" is the weapon of Lord Shiva and is helpful for those people who suffer from tantra, fears and evil eye effects. "Trishul" Sphatik pendant is also good for children and it helps them to dispose of fears. "Trishul" Sphatik pendant is handcrafted and inscribed with "Trishul". The Sphatic Trishul Pendant is handcrafted made of high quality crystal.
This Pendant is covered with sterling silver and their size approximately 2-3.

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