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Rudraksha Invocation and Pooja Types

Rudraksha bead is a sacred for Hinduism. So it could not worn without bless them. First they should be blessed and make powerful by chanting the particular mantras, performing the specific way and sacrament. The Pooja, which is done before wearing Rudraksha bead or mala is called "Shuddhikaran" (sanctification) pooja.

The sanctification of Rudraksha involve following steps which is as:

First we select a favorable time for blessings Rudraksha and then arranged the following items:

  • Panchgavy: it is a mixture of cow's dung, urine, raw milk (unboiled), "Desi Ghee" (clarified oil) and curd. OR

  • Panchamrit: it is a mixture of raw milk (unboiled), honey, curd, "Desi Ghee" (clarified oil) and Ganga Jal.

  • Mixed the Water with Ganges water in an achamani pot including Kusha grass for shake and a spoon.

  • 9-fresh and green leaves of peepal tree and arranged it on a plate.

  • Extra Plate which is to be placed during Pooja.

  • Dhoop and Incense sticks.

  • Camphor and lamp.

  • Sandal paste and perfumed oil.

  • Rice grains mixed with asthagandha.

  • Ghee lamp (one wick)

  • Except all of it Offerings - Cloth, Flower, Fruit, and Betel nut - Pan and Coconut.

Put the Rudraksha bead in the oil for whole night. After this

Sit on an "Asana" (straw mat) making face in east.

Rudraksha beads are then washed in Panchgavy or Panchamrit by chanting the Shiva mantra "Om Namah Shivay".

After this washed the Rudraksha bead with pure water (Ganga Jal) chanting the Sadyojaat Mantra:

"Om Sadyojaatam Prapadyaami Sadyojataajava Namah,
Bhave Bhavenaati Bhave Bhavasvamaam Bhavodbhavay Namah".

Take a fresh flower and dip it in Sandal paste and perfumed oils and contact it on the Rudraksha beads by chanting Vaamdev Mantra:

“Om Vamdevaya Namah, Jyeshthaay Namah , Shreshthay Namah , Rudraay Namah , Kaalay Namah ,Kala Vikarannaay Namah, Bal Vikaranaay Namah, Balaay Namah Bala Pramathanaay Namah, Sarva Bhoot Damanaay Namah, Manomanaay Namah”.

After this put Dhoop to bead by chanting Aghor Mantra:

"Om Aghorebhyo Ghorebhyo Ghor Ghor Tarebhaya,
Sarvebhya Sarva Sharvvebhyo Namaste Astu Rudra Roopebhyah".

Again take a flower and dip in Sandal paste then touch it on beads by chanting the Tatpurush Mantra:

"Om Tatpurushaay Vidmahe Mahadevaay Dheemahi,
Tanno Rudrah Prachodayaat".

Chant the Eeshaan Mantra on each bead:

"Om Eeshaanah Sarvavidyaanam Eeshwar, Sarvabhootaanaam Brahmaadipati Brahmanaadhipati Brahma Shivome Astu Sadaa Shivom".

After this, chant the particular mantra for each Mukhi Rudraksha.

And then Chant Gayatri mantra 3 times.

“Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyum Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayat”.

Chant the Surya mantra 3 times.

“Om Bhu Om Bhuvaha Om Swaha Om Maha Om Janaha Om Tapaha Om Satyam”.

Chant each mantra continuously and touch each after, right eye, left eye, and forehead.

Om Apo Jyothi
Raso Amtritam
Brahma Bhu Bhuvaha Swarom

These Rudraksha bead should be worn on a Monday morning after touching it with Shivlinga.

Chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra 5 or 9 times and recommend rice to a plate before Rudraksha after each round.

"Om Triayambakam Yajamahey,
Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam,
Urvar Ukamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat".

When all the steps described above are completed, both hands should be joined and the person should chant:

"Maale Maale Mahaa Maale Sarvashakti Samanvite
Chaturvargaa Tvayinyistah Tasmaan Me Siddhidaa Bhav".

Bend and then chant this last prayer:

“Om Purnamada purnamidam purnath purnamudyachite
Purnasya purnamadaya purna mevaya shishyate”.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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