Basic Details
Date of Birth07/07/1977Day of BirthThursday
Time of Birth07:07:00 HrsPlace of BirthDELHI
Local Birth Time06:45:48 HrsLocal Birth Date07/07/1977
Panchang Details
Vikram Samvat2034Saka Samvat1899
MonthSravanaLunar PakshaKrishna
Lunar Tithi7Sidereal Time1: 45: 25 Hrs
Sun Rise5: 29: 40 HrsSunset19: 23: 10 Hrs
Tithi at Sunrise22Tithi Ending time21: 32: 57 Hrs
Nak. at SunriseU.BhadrapadaNak. Ending time23: 5: 46 Hrs
Yoga at SunriseSobhanaYoga Ending time19: 38: 34 Hrs
Karan at SunriseVistiKaran Ending Time9: 5: 46 Hrs
Avakhada Chakra
LaganCancerLagan LordMoon
SignPiscesSign LordJupiter
NakshatraU.BhadrapadaNakshatra LordSaturn
Name AlphabetTHAYujaAntya
Ghat Chakra
MonthPhalgunaTithi5- 10- 15
Lucky stone,number
Lucky DayMonday
Lucky No.12
Lucky ColorYellow
Lucky StoneYellow Sapphire
Metal For StoneGold

Planet's Position at Birth Time

 Planet Sign Degree Position Lord Nakshatra Pad Lord S. Lord
 Asc  Cancer 11 18 58   Mon Pushya 3 Sat Mon
 Sun  Gemini 21 17 29 Neutrl  Mer Punarvasu 1 Jup Jup
 Mon  Pisces 08 19 48 Neutrl  Jup U.Bhadrapada 2 Sat Ven
 Mar  Aries 29 00 53 OwnHs  Mar Krittika 1 Sun Mar
 Mer  Gemini 29 35 23 OwnHs Com Mer Punarvasu 3 Jup Mon
 Jup  Taurus 27 34 46 Enemy  Ven Mrigasira 2 Mar Jup
 Ven  Taurus 06 55 17 OwnHs  Ven Krittika 4 Sun Mer
 Sat  Cancer 22 14 29 Enemy  Mon Ashlesha 2 Mer Mon
 Rah (R) Virgo 26 43 03 Neutrl  Mer Chitra 2 Mar Jup
 Ket (R) Pisces 26 43 03 Neutrl  Jup Revati 4 Mer Jup
 Ura (R) Libra 14 10 33   Ven Swati 3 Rah Mer
 Nep (R) Scorpio 20 25 14   Mar Jyestha 2 Mer Ven
 Plu  Virgo 17 55 07   Mer Hasta 3 Mon Mer

Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa 23: 32: 43Degree
True Position of Rahu and Ketu are given

Lagna Chart

 * ***                      ***                      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Sun    Mer    ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *Rah       ***  5***    4            ***  3***          *
 *      6      ***   Asc   Sat           ***             *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ven  Jup  *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***    2  *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***               7      ***               1      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Mar           ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***   12  *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ket  Mon  *
 *      8      ***                       ***             *
 *          ***  9***   10            *** 11***          *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***                      ***                      *** *

Effects of Planets

Influence of planet Sun

Master of the 2nd house,Sun in the 12th house indicates you will travel a lot. You will be extravagant and will over spend money. You will get wealth from external sources. You will influence your enemies by spending on them. You will be free from diseases and troubles but will feel unhappiness due to the conjunction of deficiency of wealth and family troubles. You may acquire wealth through religious means. You may have some psychic experiences. You may have eye trouble after middle age.

There will be disputes with your father and opposition from him. You will suffer from ill health and eye troubles. You will wander a lot and go on tedious journeys. There will be financial strains and loss of energy and vitality.

Sun in Gemini indicates you are witty, spirited and lively. You express yourself clearly and speak to the point. You've a good memory, are rapid in learning, active and love to travel. You are good looking. You have interest in science. You easily get worried and irritated which may reflect on your work and health. You are susceptible to flattery and can be misguided. You are a good debator.

Influence of planet Moon

Master of the lagn Moon in the 9th house indicates that you are religious, wise,active,determined and have a lot of self respect. You will get a lot of fame. You will be very lucky. You will have a big head and a handsome body. You are always happy. You are very energetic. You will love your brothers and sisters. You are virtuous by temperament. You may get divine power. You have a gentle and modest nature,a strong will power and are farsighted.

You will be obedient to your elders and parents. You are pious and will do many virtuous acts. You will be fond of travelling and sciences. You will lead a very happy life. You will fair well in trade and will be successful in your undertaking. You will build charitable institutions. You will be very popular. You will have good children.

Moon in Pisces: you will be fleshy,pale,having a round face,strong body and a raised nose. You will be very fond of the opposite sex. You will suffer from a cough. You are learned, a good speaker, simple but fickle minded and self centered. You get discouraged very easily. Thursdays are auspicious while wednesdays are inauspicious. You will receive some hidden treasure. You will deal in property obtained from the sea.

Influence of planet Mars

Master of the 5th and 10th house Mars in the 10th house (own house) indicates you will serve your parents and elders and will be religious, wise, a writer, and a competent worker. Your managerial ability is great. You work for govt and acquire control over society. You are wise, speak pleasantly regarding the acts of beauty which are just. You win much honour and respect. You are dutiful, get the greatness of father and son,have some deficiency in the house of physique and have sovereignity in your temperament. You are dignified and influential.

You are bold,concerted,quick in judgement,charitable and full of valour. You will be noble and will be admired by all. You are inconquerable and efficient. You belong to a modest family but still you will rise very high due to your brilliant intellect. Mars causes increased earnings and fame, gain in business or profession. You will have courage and powers.

You are daring,charitable,truthful,very rich and reputed in society especially in political circles.

Influence of planet Mercury

Master of the 3rd and 12th house Mercury in the 12th house(his own house)indicates you will face opposition from friends and brothers. You will live far from your brothers. You will go to foreign countries. You will be deficient in physical strength. You will not be very courageous. You will spend for religious purposes.

You suffer humiliations and are a bit lazy. You reside in others house. You will always be thinking. You are a fluent conversationalist, but your voice is inaudible. There will be danger or ill health to maternal uncle. You possess incompassionate tendencies and face loss of wealth and grief.

Mercury in Gemini: you are sweet spoken,interested in shastras,a good orator with command over writing. You will have few offsprings. You are wise and moral.

Influence of planet Jupiter

Master of the 6th and 9th house Jupiter in 11th house indicates long life and wealth. You will be respected in government and society. You are interested in your own religion. You face trouble from opponents. You are charitable. You have influential children. You are wise, respected and earn wealth. You are highly educated. You serve your own interests. You are extremely intelligent. Your spouse may have some deficiencies. You have a strong will power.

You will be fond of music. You may obtain money from your uncle, brother or sister. You will have children and good friends. There will be gain and accumulation of wealth. You will own good house and conveyance. You are an authority and will get honour and respect from good people in high positions. You will acquire fame. You will possess precious metals and spend for good purposes. You are fearless and helpful to elders.

You have a strong faith in god. Your body is strong. You are wise, rich intelligent and do good deeds. You are passionate and are fond of luxuries.

Influence of planet Venus

Master of the 4th and 11th house, Venus in the 11th house which is his own house indicates. You are attractive and will have a good physique. You will be liked by your relatives. Your children will be kind hearted and influential. You will perform grand deeds. You will get gains from the intelligentsia. You are competent and knowledgeable in many kinds of arts. You are courageous, charitable, popular, cool headed and good looking. You usually feel very thirsty. You are very obedient to your parents. You will get gains from many sources. You will have a long life and good health. You will get unexpected gains. You will travel a lot. You will have a happy life. You will be famous for your wisdom and knowledge in literature. You will be learned and highly educated. You are interested in art and will get a lot of gains in this sphere. You will get gains from luxurious items. You will have good children. You will own land and property. You are fond of perfumes.

Venus in 11th house indicates that you will enjoy large financial gains. You will get favours from the upper class people. You are very passionate. You will possess stable wealth. You are very popular. You are fond of sweets. You will have good children. You are a person of good qualities. You are famous for your artistic nature. You will have beautiful and costly things. Venus indicates great comforts, happiness, a luxurious life, influence, journeys to distant places happiness and immense riches. You may get gains in construction work and artistic pursuits. You will have a lively personality. Your children will be very good looking and wise. You are truth loving and will enjoy worldly comforts.

You are charitable, good looking and are very helpful. You have a great knowledge of arts and the sacred books.

Influence of planet Saturn

Master of 7th and 8th house Saturn in lagn indicates you have a soft and impressive voice. You are an expert in your speech and can get your work done. You try to spend your life happily .You will face some troubles in your happiness. You never like subordination. You are fond of enjoyments. You are very open and frank. You have a wavering mind. You enjoy all comforts. You have many friends but no happiness. You are very passionate. You are very competent in arguments. You get favours from the govt. Sometimes you feel some deficiency in physical pleasures.

Saturn in lagn causes you to be dull. You may be unusually tall. You are harsh. You are not very good looking. You are a hard task master. One outstanding quality in you is that you are a pessimist. You may be a president or a high officer from the middle part of your life. You will have wealth. You will not have many comforts. You like loneliness. You sacrifice for others. Sometimes you suffer from setbacks in acquiring honours and respects in the early part of your life.You suffer from ill health. You suffer from colds, falls and injury to your head. You are a bit obstinate .You are a deep thinker. You are greedy. You are an expert in acquiring success for your self interest by tactful and intellectual means. You are very clever. You are daring and do not care for your rivals. You are fond of arguments. You are hard working. You are religious. You are very tactful in your speech. You feel some deficiency in the happiness of children. You are fond of supernatural powers and believe in god. You are famous for your shrewdness.

Saturn in Cancer indicates there will be illness in your childhood. You will get a lot of unhappiness from your mother. You are very wise and progress by hard work. You may travel by sea.

Influence of planet Rahu

Rahu in 3rd house indicates you are very active and daring. There will be disputes and quarrels with brothers and neighbours. You are victorious and peevish. You will appear as a very simple person in public but actually you are very wealthy. You are laborious. You may be irregular in your meals. There may be ill health or death of brothers and sisters. You will acquire high position and honours. You will progress by your daring deeds and earn huge wealth. You will enjoy many physical pleasures. You are a yogi and a bhogi. You feel some hindrances in acquiring progress in your occupation with brothers. You feel some hindrances and obstacles in acquiring education. You may suffer from ear troubles. You defeat your rivals by your mysterious and intricate policies. You travel to distant places and acquire gains. You are a bit carefree. You command many people. You are happy with wealth and other necessary things.

Influence of planet Ketu

Ketu in the 9th house indicates that you will be henpecked by your spouse. You will manage the affairs of a town or village or will be the head of a project. You will travel to many places. You feel some deficiency in the happiness of brothers and friends. You enjoy high honours and fame in govt, society and foreign countries. You are religious and kind hearted. You may be defamed and get setbacks in honours and respect due to your bad associates. You are very sharp in your mental work. You are a competent speaker and very brave and give much importance to self respect. You are strong and of a some what peculiar nature. There will be sudden gains.