Basic Details
Date of Birth07/07/1977Day of BirthThursday
Time of Birth07:07:00 HrsPlace of BirthDELHI
Local Birth Time06:45:48 HrsLocal Birth Date07/07/1977
Panchang Details
Vikram Samvat2034Saka Samvat1899
MonthSravanaLunar PakshaKrishna
Lunar Tithi7Sidereal Time1: 45: 25 Hrs
Sun Rise5: 29: 40 HrsSunset19: 23: 10 Hrs
Tithi at Sunrise22Tithi Ending time21: 32: 57 Hrs
Nak. at SunriseU.BhadrapadaNak. Ending time23: 5: 46 Hrs
Yoga at SunriseSobhanaYoga Ending time19: 38: 34 Hrs
Karan at SunriseVistiKaran Ending Time9: 5: 46 Hrs
Avakhada Chakra
LaganCancerLagan LordMoon
SignPiscesSign LordJupiter
NakshatraU.BhadrapadaNakshatra LordSaturn
Name AlphabetTHAYujaAntya
Ghat Chakra
MonthPhalgunaTithi5- 10- 15
Lucky stone,number
Lucky DayMonday
Lucky No.12
Lucky ColorYellow
Lucky StoneYellow Sapphire
Metal For StoneGold

Planet's Position at Birth Time

 Planet Sign Degree Position Lord Nakshatra Pad Lord S. Lord
 Asc  Cancer 11 18 58   Mon Pushya 3 Sat Mon
 Sun  Gemini 21 17 29 Neutrl  Mer Punarvasu 1 Jup Jup
 Mon  Pisces 08 19 48 Neutrl  Jup U.Bhadrapada 2 Sat Ven
 Mar  Aries 29 00 53 OwnHs  Mar Krittika 1 Sun Mar
 Mer  Gemini 29 35 23 OwnHs Com Mer Punarvasu 3 Jup Mon
 Jup  Taurus 27 34 46 Enemy  Ven Mrigasira 2 Mar Jup
 Ven  Taurus 06 55 17 OwnHs  Ven Krittika 4 Sun Mer
 Sat  Cancer 22 14 29 Enemy  Mon Ashlesha 2 Mer Mon
 Rah (R) Virgo 26 43 03 Neutrl  Mer Chitra 2 Mar Jup
 Ket (R) Pisces 26 43 03 Neutrl  Jup Revati 4 Mer Jup
 Ura (R) Libra 14 10 33   Ven Swati 3 Rah Mer
 Nep (R) Scorpio 20 25 14   Mar Jyestha 2 Mer Ven
 Plu  Virgo 17 55 07   Mer Hasta 3 Mon Mer

Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa 23: 32: 43Degree
True Position of Rahu and Ketu are given

Lagna Chart

 * ***                      ***                      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Sun    Mer    ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *Rah       ***  5***    4            ***  3***          *
 *      6      ***   Asc   Sat           ***             *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ven  Jup  *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***    2  *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***               7      ***               1      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Mar           ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***   12  *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ket  Mon  *
 *      8      ***                       ***             *
 *          ***  9***   10            *** 11***          *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***                      ***                      *** *

Dasha Predictions

08/06/2001 - 14/09/2003 in this period you will be undert
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Jup (Antardasha)

During this period you may get mixed results but positive side of happenings will be more in evidence. There will be a lot of contacts with the influential people. Your social circle will be widen. As a businessman, you may get the good opportunities to explore it. However, it will depend on your caliber and skill, how you take up the risen situations. An increase in wealth as well as in assets is indicated. If you are in service, then you may develop a good report with your superiors.You may be asked to take up challenging jobs which you would be able to do with little problems. There are chances of getting promotion too.

As a student, you will take keen interest in your studies. If appearing for career building examinations,then results will be satisfactory. Family atmosphere will remain quite harmonious, but the health of someone in the family may not keep okay.

14/09/2003 - 24/05/2006 in this period you will be under
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Sat (Antardasha)

During this period you may not be able to complete your task the way you plan.An element of delay and obstacles may come in between you and your plans. However, this period does not show any drastic happenings but the trend of the results would be like that where you may feel exhausted. If you are in business / trade, you might get some good offers too. Your work and efforts may also be appreciated but try to maintain certain pace, which may be missing.

If you are in service, then work load may start increasing. You may also be asked to do certain jobs which are not of your choice. There are chances of being transferred in this period. As a student, you have fairly good scope to prove your worth during this period. If you are determined and willing to put your best efforts, be assured, success will be yours. As far as domestic affairs are concerned,you may be required to pay little extra attention. A ceremony may also be celebrated.

24/05/2006 - 20/10/2006 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Ket (Antardasha)

This period might put you into a typical taste of life which every one has to give same time or the other. If you know the art of breaking the barriers and look through it clearly then the ball will remain in your court. You may noticed that the problems are cropping up from all possible resources and leaving you with hardly and option. Greatness lies when you really act like a great person. To name few of your problematic areas would be, job/ business, domestic matters etc. If you are not aware, may add to your anxiety by brooding over them. Your illusory perceptions could lead you into severe mental tension. Your own people may ditch you and if you become emotional then may not find any let out for your self. Otherwise, you can also roar like a lion to challenge one and all and will amazed to see, no body dare to face you.

20/10/2006 - 20/12/2007 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Ven (Antardasha)

During this period, you will spend your time in building castles in the air. An impractical approach will be the cause of most of your troubles. In your business / trade, you may employ wrong strategies to meet the right ends and the negative results that follow will frustrate you. People around you will give you stupid advice and you are likely to act on it. Much of this will cause money losses and suffering that could have been avoided.

If you are in service, your working conditions will remain normal. You are likely to create problems for your self because of some stupidities & if you are not careful, the management may think you unfit and feel they should transfer you out. If you are student, you will have to work very hard especially if you are planning on appearing in some competitive examination. If you do so, very successful results are indicated. Your family life will be normal. Your mother or spouse may suffer bad health.

20/12/2007 - 26/04/2008 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Sun (Antardasha)

You will be quite a reactionary during this period. You will not be satisfied with the way things are going and would like to change them. You will act on your instincts and this will lead you into trouble. Your business / trade is likely to run rather badly. You may incur many losses because you do not spend enough time in careful planning. There could be a financial crises too so take care of all money matters. Tension may take its you and you may suffer ill health.

If you are in service, your working conditions will be normal. You will however, have the tendency to get into fights with your superiors and this could create trouble for you.They will not tolerate your misbehavior so refrain from bad conduct. If you are a student, you stand a very good chance of doing extremely well in any competitive examination provided you are very, very serious. Your family life will not be very good. Some members may suffer bad health too.

26/04/2008 - 25/11/2008 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Mon (Antardasha)

During this period, you will be under many illusions and will feel frustrated when things do not workout the way you think they will. Fearful most of the time. You will not trust many people, even those close to you.In your business or trade, you will be lacking in a proper approach and hence be in the midst of many undesirable circumstances.You will commit stupid items and suffer on this account. Try to be more logical in your ways. You could also suffer from a financial crises during this period.

If you are employed, you are advised to concentrate on your work instead of getting into fights with others. This could bring on big trouble and suffering for you.If you are a student, use your skill in your work and do not waste time as you are likely to do so in order to get good results. Your family life will experience tension. Your mother's health too may take a turn for the worse.

25/11/2008 - 23/04/2009 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Mar (Antardasha)

During this period, you may not be able to exploit the opportunities that come your way. This trend will lead you to anger and frustration. In your business / trade, this trait will be very evident and you must take on a more practical approach because a lot of your success will depend on how you use your thinking power and concentration on details. Money losses are indicated and this may be brought about by your taking wrong decisions. Be careful in all money matters as you may get involved in some scandal.

If you are in service, this will be a normal period for you. There will be more of routine work than something new so be content with the way things are. If you are in the armed forces, this will be an excellent period for you. If you are a student or planning to sit for some competitive examination, success is on the cards so do not neglect your work. Your family life will be normal. Sickness to some elderly member is indicated.

23/04/2009 - 12/05/2010 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Rah (Antardasha)

Dreams of creating a big empire for yourself is what you will be thinking of most of this period. Unfortunately, your efforts in this direction will be very poor. In your business / trade, you will have a totally impractical approach and bring on more problems for yourself than if you stop and consider before you act. You will not be very lucky with your troubles and most of them will be self created in some way or the other. Money will be a constant worry for you and a financial crises can not be ruled out completely.

If you are employed, this is not a good period for you. You may be given some menial tasks to perform and if you refuse to do them, you will end up in trouble. You may not even get any credit for doing them and this will add to your tension.If you are a student, you must spend more time on your work otherwise you will get below average results. In your family life, there will be friction and sickness to some members.

12/05/2010 - 18/04/2011 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Jup (Antardasha)

This period will give you mixed results but the negative side will be more in evidence. You will meet many influential people but will not be able to take any benefit from this due to your own faults. In your business / trade, many ups and downs but unfortunately the downs are more prominent, you will have financial problems of a very severe nature. At times, you may get some relief from all this but, overall the situation will not be in your control.

If you are employee, you will face a tough period. Too many demands may be made on you and if you are able to cope with them, then things will be quite normal. If you are a student, you will have good chances of success so you must avail of every opportunity to better your work and complete it in time. Your family life will be good on the whole. Sickness is indicated to your mother or spouse.

18/04/2011 - 27/05/2012 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Sat (Antardasha)

This period will see you as a very lazy person indulging in many stupid activities. Most of the time you will not know what to do and good advice given to you will be in vain. Your business / trade will not do well. You will have a lot of labour problems and will have to put in a lot of time and efforts when dealing with this. Financially, you will be quite tight and the creditors pressure will be on you. Some mishaps may occur at your working site too.

If you are in service, this will not be a good period for you. You may be asked to do some menial tasks and be left with no choice but to do them. You will have to also put in all your efforts to maintain a good relationship with your superiors and colleagues. If you are a student, you will have the tendency to get involved in other activities and neglect your studies. Beware of this as it could lead to bad results. In your family life, there will be a tense atmosphere. Lots of fights are likely to take place too.

27/05/2012 - 24/05/2013 in this period you will be under
Influence of Ket (Mahadasha) and Mer (Antardasha)

During this period, you will be quite logical in your outlook but at times a lack of practicality will be evident. This could mar good results. If you strive a balance, you can achieve sound results. Your business / trade will run well but you have to put in a little extra efforts to prevent a downward trend taking place during this period. Money will be there but this should be invested carefully. Tackle your problems in a logical manner, do not give in to impractical methods at this stage.

If you are in service, your working conditions will be normal. At times, you may be asked to do some tedious work and this could make you tense. Better opportunities are likely to come your way too & you must use your discretion while thinking of taking these up. If you are a student, this will be a good period for you. You will be able to concentrate well and success is indicated. Your family life will be normal. The health of your parents may suffer.