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Ganesh Chaturthi Homam

Ganesh chaturthi, Ganesh, lord ganesh, puja, Ganapathy Homam, Ganesh puja, Maha Ganpathy homa, ganesh pooja, ganesh utsav, Ganesh puja, ganesh ji, 27th of August

Ganesh Chaturthi 19th of September , 2012

Mantra for success on Ganesh Chaturthi

Vakrtund Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha |
Nirbhignam Kurumedaya Sarva Karyashu Sarvada |

Ganesh Chaturthi is an occasion or a day on which Lord Ganesha or Lord Ganapati graces earth for the well being of all his/her devotees. This festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada, commencing on the Shukla Chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). It is celebrated all over India, but it's festivities are at its most elaborate in Maharashtra, and the other parts of Western India.

Legend ( Lord Ganesha's Birth)

Legend says that once Lord Shiva left his usual dwelling on Mount.Kailash in the Himalayas, to meditate. Two sakhis ( friends) of Goddess Parvati, his consort, suggested that she should have a 'Gana' - attendant of their own, since they were not too happy with Lord Shiva's 'Ganas'. Goddess Parvati agreed. Soon after, using her divine powers, she created a son out of the sandalwood paste she used for her bath by breathing life in to him and naming him Vinayak. She instructed him to guard their home.

Letting him stand guard at the door she went to have her bath. However, while Goddess Parvati was taking her bath, Lord Shiva happened to come there back from his meditation, and as Ganesha didn't knew who he was, he didn't allowed him to enter the house. As a result, there was a lot of bickering and Lord Shiva got angry and beheaded Ganesha ( Vinayak) with his 'Trishul' (Trident).

When Goddess Parvati heard of this she was distressed and lamented intensely. After Lord Shiva realized his error, to set things right he sent his Ganas to the forest to fetch the head of the first living being they met. The Ganas saw a baby elephant and returned with its head. With his divine power, Lord Shiva placed the head over his son's body and that instant Vinayak sprung back to life. Henceforth Vinayak also earned the name of Gajaanan. 'Gaja' means elephant. Lord Shiva blessed him with a boon that people would first worship and offer him dedication in all their auspicious activities. Those who won't would not attain success.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival preparations are made 2 to 3 months in advance. Attractive Ganesha statuses are prepared with clay (the plaster of Paris) in different sizes and heights, which are decorated as awesome and elegant Ganesh idols. After puja this Ganesh idol is immersed in water, this process of immersion is called Ganesh Visarjan. Ganesh Visarjan is celebrated with great joy and cultural activities.

Ganesh Chaturthi - 19th of September, 2012.
Auspicious Time: Best muhurat for bringing Ganesha idol at home and perform Ganesh Sathapna should be done between 11.10 am to 1.30 pm IST.

On this day we welcome Ganpati idol at home and do puja archana. In this Puja archana a sweet called Modak which is the favorite of Lord Ganesh is prepared and offered to god Ganesha along with flowers and fruits and then distributed this modak prasad to all family members. Some of the special dishes and sweets are also prepared on this day beside Modak as Besan ke ladoo, Boondi ke ladoo, Rava Ladoo, Masala Vadai and Puran Poli etc.

Ganesh Visarjan Dates.

• First day of Ganesh Visarjan – 20 Sept, 2012
• Third day of Ganesh Visarjan – 21 Sept, 2012
• Fifth day of Ganesh Visarjan – 23 Sept, 2012
• Seventh day of Ganesh Visarjan - 25 Sept, 2012
• Tenth day of Ganesh Visarjan – 28 Sept, 2012
• Last day of Ganesh Visarjan – 29 Sept, 2012

Immersing of Ganesh clay idol as Ganesh Visarjan is the end of Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi for getting the blessing of Lord Ganesha. -

Now avail this chance to get Ganesh Chaturthi Puja performed on this auspicious day.

Service charges:  INR (Indian Rupees) 3100.00
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Prashadam: Usually ships in 48 hours from the puja date.

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