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Lord Vishnu

Lord VishnuAccording to the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is considered as main god as a preserver of the universe. While two other major Hindu gods, Brahma and Shiva, are measured as the creator and destroyer of the universe correspondingly. Lord Vishnu is normally symbolizes by a human body with four arms. In his first hand Lord Vishnu holds a conch shell (sankha) signifying extend of the divine sound "Om"; the second hand holds a discus (chakra), symbolizes the wheel of time; in third hand they holds a lotus (Padma) which is a symbol of glorious existence and the fourth hand holds a mace (Gada) indicating the supreme power with punishing capacity of Lord in case order of life is ignored.

Lord Vishnu wears a crown, two earrings, a garland (mala) of flowers, and a gem about their neck. Normally Lord Vishnu has a blue body and wears yellow clothes. Lord Vishnu is standing on a thousand-headed snake (Shesha Nag), and snake rest with its cover open over the head of the Lord Vishnu. The vehicle (Vahana) of Lord Vishnu is swift-flying bird Garuda, who has capacity to increase the Vedic knowledge with great bravery. The consort (wife) of Lord Vishnu is Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took ten incarnations to protect the sages and all living beings. These incarnations are relates to the human development from marine life to human life. The ten Avatar of lord Vishnu is as:

Matsya (fish): saves the life of Sage Manu from floods and recovers the Vedas from demons.

Kurma (tortoise): When mountain Mandara was churned by using the serpent Vasuki as the rope involving both the gods (Devtas) and asuras (demons), lord Vishnu maintains the earth on his back.

Varaha (boar): In this incarnation Lord Vishnu brings the earth back from the bottom of the ocean where it was dragged down by a demon Hiranyaksha and kills the demon.

Narasimha (man-lion): In this Avatar Lord Vishnu kills the demon King Hiranyakashyap, who was planning to kill his own son Prahalad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Vamana (dwarf): This is the first human incarnation of the Lord who kills the demon King Mahabhali, who had depressed the gods of their belongings.

Parasurama (the warrior with an axe): this Incarnation of the Lord Vishnu saves Brahmins from the dictatorship of the egotistical Kshatriyas.

Rama: this is more famous Avatar of Lord Vishnu who kills Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

Sri Krishna: In the Incarnation as Krishna's assist Arjuna throughout his life by teachings Bhagavad-Gita.

Buddha: All the Hindus believe that Lord Buddha as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and accept his teachings, but do not openly worship him.

Kalki (a man on a white horse): this incarnation is yet to come after Kali Yuga and will mark the end of all evil in the world.

The idol of Lord Vishnu is generally made by the following materials:

  •  Stone
  •  Ashtadhatu
  •  Brass
  •  Parad/Mercur
The height and weight of Lord Vishnu idols are varies depending on the type of material used for making the idol.

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