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Lord Kamdev

Lord KamdevLord Kamdev is well known as the Hindu deity of love. Kamdev is the mixing of two words namely Kama and Deva. Deva means divine or godly while the Kama stands for aspiration, desire or passion, generally as in sensual love or sexuality. According to the Shiva Puran, Lord Kamdev is the son of universe creator "Lord Brahma". Lord Kamdev Idol is symbolizing as a young and handsome winged man with bow and arrows. The bow of Kamdev is made of sugarcane with honeybees on it and arrows are garlanded with five kinds of perfumed flowers. The string of bow is made of a honeybee's chain. Parrot, cuckoo and humming bees are his companions. All of these are symbols of spring season. According ancients Scriptures, Lord Kamdev was reincarnated as Pradyumna, the son of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmini. Lord Kamdev has many names which are as: Ragavrinta, Ananga, Kandarpa, Manmatha, Manosij, Madana, Ratikanta, Pushpavan, and Pushpadhanva. Some times Kama is also a name used for Lord Agni.

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