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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Virgo Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Virgo Compatibility and Virgo Love Astrology
Virgo Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Virgo Love Compatibility Through The Signs


Aries is always direct and some times too rude which can hurt the Virgo’s sophisticated nature. Virgo’s intellect may clash with the fiery Aries nature. They can have always have hard time communicating with each other due to their different nature. Aries always wants to act and go ahead while Virgo wants to talk and go slow this will be a cause of big trouble between them. They will be most of the time arguing with each other. Aries will always think Virgo to be subdued and sensitive , while Virgo will think Aries is too wild and impulsive. Aries love outgoing and extrovert friends , while Virgo Love friends who can jell with their intellect. So eventually romance will go out of the window for both of them.


Taurus has a amorous and sensual nature , while Virgo has a sharp thinking and analytical attitude towards every thing they come across. Taurus sensuality and sensual nature can bring the best out of the Virgo and sparks could fly and if that happens love is in the air for both of them. If we see deeply then both of them have much and many things in common, they both are grounded and practical. They both love to have a secured and comfortable life and future. Both love accumulating money and both of them are home creatures and love their family. Taurus is very hard working and persistent in their efforts and Virgos have a sharp analytical brain and both of them if come together it can do wonders. Bottom line is that this is a good match for each other.



Virgo and Gemini both have very sharp mind and their initial attraction towards each other is due to their intellectual compatibility and affinity. Both have sharp and active mind, but similarity ends there and then. Gemini flirty and amorous nature is not liked by Virgo and more over Geminis are impulsive and that is a big no no for a Virgo in a relationship. Gemini on the other hand treat Virgo as cold water on every thing and a party breaker. Virgo consider Gemini as irresponsible and too immature. Virgo will nag Gemini as Gemini needs freedom to express themselves. This wont be liked by Gemini lover and soon the Gemini will start looking for a new love.


Virgo and Cancer is a good match as they are able to bring out the sensual side of their nature to full bloom. Cancer is cool and not very forceful in love matters which serves the purpose of Virgo as they are also not very forceful. Cancer is sentimental , possessive and sensitive which makes Virgo feel very secured and make them happy. They both love financial strength and money comfort. On the negative side both tend to be very critical and negative about each other. So overall this match will be good for both of them.


Leo individual is very passionate and is physical in intimacy and love life and Virgo is too sophisticated , passive and reserved in intimacy matters which will frustrate the Leo no ends up and this will eventually lead to lot of quarrels and bad blood between them. Leo always expect its praise and pampering but Virgo is too thrifty while giving any sign of appreciation and this will be resented by a Leo. Leo is always in a spending mood , but a Virgo wont be spending lavishly and always be counting its pennies. Both are fiercely independent people, but while Leo expresses that in a very fierce independent and dramatic way but Virgo will sulk and express it in a private way away from the eyes of the public. Virgo wont bogged down or get dominated by the Leo. Sooner or later this relationship will go down the hill.



This relationship will be perfect until both of them start finding fault with each other and then all the sparks will fly and things will go down hill. If they can curb the tendency to find fault with each other they can bring the best out of each other. Both are sensitive, intelligent, serious, responsible and take the commitment of loving each other seriously. They wont get bored with each other as there will be lot of intellectual stimulation going on between them. They have a opinion that there are more to life then just having sex or enjoying in bed, lot of mental stimulation is very important to them too. All in all a good match if they are able to curb their tendency to criticize and finding faults.


Libra is too flirty and cocky for Virgo’s refined taste. A Libra would love blowing up the money , partying hard and enjoying attention, flirting and in general loving to be the centre of the attention. Virgo as we all know loves to find faults and criticize and this in turn Virgo feel unwanted and not loved. Libra is able to extract the sensuality of a Virgo , but in reality they both are very different individuals. Virgo will always try to curb the outgoing and extrovert and flirtiest nature , while Libra will resent this deeply. Virgo is very introvert and reserved type which will make Libra will unwanted and ignored. Soon enough Libra will just go away in search of some other sign.  


Scorpio will always try to bring out the sexual and sensuous side of the Virgo, but Virgo won’t mind it because Scorpio is very possessive and loyal which will always make a Virgo feel loved , cared and protected for. They love to admire each other intellect , analytical power and superb mind. Scorpio has immense imagination powers which will bring out the best out of a Virgo. Virgo is reserved and always keeps their emotions under a leash , while Scorpio has a volatile nature but are secretive when it comes to expressing their innermost feelings. So expressing their real feelings to each other might be a problem some times. They might have some little problems about who runs the show, but the Virgo’s ability to have compromise in this relationship will work out the things. Overall it is going to be a good match for both.


These two are as similar as a chalk is with cheese. Sagittarius is free in spirit and full of life , while a Virgo is hardworking , careful , subdued, introvert. A Sagittarius loves to take risks while a Virgo is never associated with any risk taking activity, a virgo loves to carefully plan and build for its future. A common path is that their mind works on a intellectual level both have very sharp fertile mind, but while Sagittarius is extravagant and willing to take risks on the other hand a Virgo goes for a simple , time tested path and a life which is free from risks or hassles. A Sagittarius is as adventurous in bedroom as they are in other facets of their life and soon enough he will be considering Virgo to be too prudish and out of place of their taste. Soon enough Sagittarius will look for another match.


This match in reality is a match which is good and full of harmony. Capricorn is ambitious and its perfection for success is loved and liked by a Virgo as Virgo itself full of perfection and energetic towards working towards building their future secured. Both Virgo and Capricorn are very disciplined and are goal oriented in their lives. They will admire and give compliments to each other. Both of them are fiercely independent and have a great self respect and are intuitive and sensitive to each other needs. Both are family oriented and love their families. Their love making will be compatible with each other , but usually Capricorn will be the one who will take the lead as virgo is usually shy in that department and less imaginative. Over all a good match for both of them.


Virgo and Aquarius both are intellectual, intelligent and view things in a detached manner but this is all misleading as the similarities stop here . Aquarius is full of new ideas, energetic in trying to work on them, have ingenious mind to try any thing new but Virgo wont give any positive response on them and eventually Aquarius will think the Virgo to be too unresponsive and cold/rude. Virgo is very hesitant to share the inner feelings or sharing emotions, while Virgo will always feel that Aquarius is roaming in some distant world of their own. While Aquarius is more humanitarian in nature which means they are more interested in people, world at large around then, they always want to work for a good cause, but all this wont interest our Virgo . Virgo is more interested in personal gains, goals and achievements and how strong they can make their financial security to their advantage. Virgo is introvert, reserved, practical and fiercely ambitious while Aquarius is outgoing, gregarious , ingenious and have a inventive mind. This combinations wont last in fact it wont start even. You wont find many Aquarius and Virgos as friends even let alone lovers or couples.


To start with the very definition and perception of love is entirely different for both of them. For a Virgo love means financial security and mental compatibility about how they can relate on a intellectual level , while on the other hand love for Pisces means all engulfing and all embracing love with uninhibited love feelings for each other. Initially a Virgo might be attracted towards a Pisces which is normal as opposites are attracted towards each other. A Virgo will find a Pisces very mysterious and will be intrigued by a Pisces charm and similarly a Pisces will be fascinated by the sharp analytical brain of a Virgo. Soon this will end because a Virgo will always be on tenterhooks and frustrated by the dreamy and secretive and emotive side of a Pisces. Sexual compatibility will also be on a middle of the road level as a Pisces some times expect some thing in bed which might not be acceptable to a Virgo. Eventually they might not be able to stand each other for long.


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