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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Libra Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Libra Compatibility and Libra Love Astrology
Libra Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Libra Love Compatibility Through The Signs


Both of them are attracted towards each other initially because opposites attract, but tension and bad blood will arise almost immediately. Libra is all about peace and harmony and justice and that is what they seek and strive for in life, while on other hand Aries seeks new challenges in a aggressive manner and new ways to seek excitement and adventures. Libra will soon find Aries to be rude , impulsive, adamant and devoid of any tact. Aries will think that Libra are immersed in their dreams and have no strength to save the facts of the life. Aries want to be fully independent and want uncompromising loyalty from their partner , while Libra always dilly dally about making a commitment and this will anger a Aries. Aries who is very passionate will find Libra way of showing emotions to be too phony at times. Their physical chemistry /compatibility is good in bedroom but you need more things in life than just sex. So in long term this relationship/match wont last its due course.


The only common this they share is their love for music, arts and refined things in life. Taurus loves to stay home and is a home bird, while Libra wants to go out party hard and is a social butterfly. Libra has a taste for expensive things and love to spend a lot on luxury items, while Taurus likes to tread carefully and have a motto of financial saving and does not like to spend extravagantly. Libra will dislike and resent the bossy and adamant behavior of a Taurus and will soon lose patience with their dogmatic approach. On the other hand Taurus will resent and be jealous of the Libra’s romantic and flirty ways with the friends and other people around them. They are sexually compatible even with all these mismatches this match could work provided they are more tolerant of each other quirks and ways.


Gemini and Libra both are similar in some ways and are perfect for matchmaking. Both are outgoing , witty, intelligent , sharp minded , warm and full of affection. Love making and emoting goes well with them. They mix love and fun making nicely and as long as the fun goes every thing is perfect. They both are not jealous of each other flirting as both love it and are caring and tolerant enough to ignore such small things. They both are not very good at taking decisions or we can say that they are too indecisive , so in this relationship mostly it will be discussion on every thing , but when it will come to taking action no one will be able to take any. Both have this gift to charm others and extract what they want from the other.


Cancer will be able to understand and appreciate the romantic nature of the Libra, but Cancer will be too cautious to understand the emotional indecisiveness of the Libra. Cancer will be too disappointed and upset over the indecisiveness and shallow nature of the Libra. Cancer can be very critical and sharp in criticizing if they want to and that could hurt the Libra very much. Libra is extravagant and out going and spend money like any thing , while Cancer loves to hold on to money and this will anger a Cancer. Cancer is happy in the comfort of home, while Libra loves to go out and have a full social life. So if they are able to adjust a little bit and take in to stride the negative sides of each other this match could work out just well or else things will go down hill for both.


Libra sensual, flirty and playful nature goes well with the Leo’s debonair attitude, dashing nature and energy level. Leo’s expressive and generous nature goes well with the Libra romanticism and flirtyness. There is a catch a Libra has to be careful not to prick the Leo’s ego or all hell will break loose , but Libra being very politically correct and having a tactful and diplomatic nature it wont be a problem for it to handle this. When ever a real conflict will start a Libra will handle it tactfully or bow with grace and dignity. They both share love for social life, parties, luxurious things and in general having a good beautiful life. Their mating in bedroom will be full of fire and romance. They will be happy to make their home a ideal one filled with decorative stuff and luxury and tasteful items placed all around.


Libra is usually most affectionate and out going and Virgo’s reserved and inhibitions some times may not go well with the Libra. Virgo wont give and pass the compliments and admiration easily to any one and a Libra is always expecting them so soon the Libra may think that Virgo is rude , boorish and sulk bag. Virgo loves to stay back at home in their den and do not like to move out and they do not like and resent the outgoing and social active life of a Libra and their pursuit for pleasure and having fun with friends. Libra as we know has exquisite taste and they wont hesitate to spend money quickly. Virgo is not out going and willing to spend money so easily. Soon Libra fill find the Virgo to be too fussy, sulking , overly critical and totally adamant with no flexibility. Love and compatibility will be a short one for both these.


Both are outgoing, affectionate, gregarious, extravagant , full of warmth and hospitality. They will love good things in life , want to live in luxury and spend money on luxury items. They would love to compliment each other and sexual compatibility will be full of sparks and passion. But the problem arises because both of them are not practical and wont be willing to face the reality of life and facts. They might be charming , diplomatic, adaptable to different conditions but each of them needs a strong mind and strong person to keep a check on them but either one of them wont be able to provide that strong effect on each other. Similarity breeds contempt some times , and as they both are similar in nature both of them could get bored easily. If they are able to overcome this then this match could be good for both of them.


Initially Scorpio’s intense love will intrigue, interest and flatter the Libra who is always very happy to find any kind of attention and importance given to them. But Scorpio is not all good they have fickle mind, they are moody , overly sensitive and wont think twice to have a cutting and lashing tongue which is some thing a Libra does not want and resent. Scorpio as we all know are very possessive and love to control, but Libra loves to fly and move around and it will be hard for a Scorpio to pin down a Libra. Libra is flirty and almost too casual in the matters of love and sex, which will anger and disturb the sensitive Scorpio. Soon Scorpio will become overly possessive, jealous , demanding and controlling which may not leave much options for a Libra. In the end either a Libra will leave or submit to the quirks and bossiness of the Scorpio. Not the best of match in terms of equality.


Libra will be attracted and intrigued by the sense of adventure of a Sagittarius while on the other hand a Sagittarius will be attracted and intrigued by the charm and affection of a Libra. Both love romancing and have a flair for romance , but in this department Libra will be slightly more efficient. If we compare both , then the Libra would definitely like to settle down in life quickly as compared to a Sagittarius. Libra is very charming , persuasive , clever to the fault and eventually Libra will find a way to make Sagittarius come to their view point. So we can say both compliment each other and have lot in common to engage their interest in each other. This will be a good match for both .


Capricorn’s strong magnetism and sexuality immediately attracts a Libra but the fun ends there. A libra needs attention, flattery, but a Capricorn is not easy to give affection as the same is always hidden deep in their heart which hardly ever comes out. Libra’s sentiments wont get much of a sympathetic ear or understanding from down to the earth a, materialistic and rooted to the earth Capricorn. Libra will be lazy and have a very easy going attitude in life , which will infuriate the Capricorn who does not like this attitude from their mate/lover or for the matter any one. Libra is hard core party animal while Capricorn tends to be comfortable with only a few close friends and generally prefer to say at home. It will be a short but interesting love affair which will end quickly.


Libra is very sensual and expert in flirting and love making this will bring out the best out of the Aquarius and bring out the best out of the Aquarius streak of bold and beautiful and adventurous streak which they will use it perfectly well in love making and bed room. Both love to socialize and have great tastes, have intellectual capabilities and same interests. They will be great friends as well as great lovers and companions. While Libra may be indecisive when it comes to taking action, but Libra will be more than happy to know that quick minded Aquarius is swift and precise in taking those decisions, so Libra will be more than happy to leave the decision making to the Aquarius. So in nutshell wonderful love life, mutual interests and tastes are all ingredients of a rocking smooth relationship . Best match .


They are similar when we consider both have affection and are considerate and sensitive. So we can say they are like in some ways. Both are sensitive to people around them , both have their own vision of romance , but the similarity ends there because a Pisces needs constant attention, constant pampering and reassurance that they are loved, soon enough Libra will find all this very annoying and stifling to them. Libra is out going , social and fun loving creature and Pisces will feel neglected and will sulk and whine and this will anger and displease a Libra. As pisces is sensitive it can sense that Libra is superficial many times and insincere which will hurt a Pisces. In bed and love making Libra will have to take the initiative which normally a Libra does not like taking. In the end this match wont last for very long.


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