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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Leo Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Leo Compatibility and Leo Love Astrology
Leo Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Leo Love Compatibility Through The Signs


Both of them are the most dynamic and basically stars in Zodiac signs. They both match wonderfully well and are going to be well matched in their bedroom and have a great sexual life. They love enjoying sex both of them. Funny enough they share almost the same likes and dislikes in most of the spheres in their lives. So far so good , but the biggest problem arise from their super big ego and when it clashes every thing will go haywire for them. Both of them do not want to back down from their opinions and it would be a serious clash of egos when ever it will happen between them. Both of them want to be the leader in their relationship and would like to share the centre stage in their relationship. If they are able to adjust this hiccup then every thing will be perfect for them.


Leos love to rule and lead and this is precisely what Taurus do not like. Both have fixed element in their signs and you could get them as fixed as they come. No one will budge an inch from their fixed opinions. Their money spending habits are different also. Leos love to spend and Taurus are very careful with spending so both them would be at loggerheads on financial spending in their household if they would get married or live together as partners. Taurus are extremely cautious and take every step after great deal of deliberation and careful pondering , while Leo wont think twice before taking any decision. Taurus wont give the constant adulation and adoration which Leo always crave for , while on the other hand Leo also wont give the constant devotion which Taurus needs. Over all this relationship has too many conflicts and bickering to be stay stable.


They hit off almost immediately because they are uncanny similar in many ways. They both love parties and social life and going out. Cinema , dinners you name it and they love it. They both bring the best of social life in each other. Both are excellent in bedroom and bring the best out of each other in their sexual life. Leo some times may become jealous of Gemini flirting ways. Leos and Gemini are both very intense in any thing they do but Leos are more intense in their approach and that includes love making and sexual life also. This relationship can only work if Gemini can keep pace with the Leoís intensity and if they are able to stay faithful to Leo , other wise this relationship will get destroyed sooner than later.


Both of them are full of romance in their own ways in their life. Leo always want their romantic life and relationship to be exciting and challenging at the same time, while Cancer wants it to be more meaningful, stable and fulfilling in every way. But as compared to Cancer Leos donít get upset and melancholy more often. Leos need to go out and boast of their exploits constantly , while Cancer is more happy having a little laid back approach and staying back in home. Leo expects adoration and Cancer attention just fulfills the needs in this department for the Leo. Cancer is loyal and Leo love that too. Over all it is a good match for long term relationship.


Leo is Lion/Lioness and regal in approach. One is king the man and the other is queen the woman so when a King and Queen are together the whole world watches . Similarly when both of them will be together, they will make more than a few heads turn. Their sexual life would be nothing less than a royal mating. Both of them are going to be royal in approach, full of grandeur, passion and romance. All of this is fine , but the million dollar question which will come to mind is who is going to be in charge of their relationship. Both of them are leaders and both of them would want to lead. It is very difficult for a Leo to make room for any one even for another Leo and for a Leo Leo this is going to be a big problem. Their love life would be great , but if their ego will get the better of them then this relationship wont go for long . Only if they are able to check their ego in check this relationship will do very well.


A Virgo wont be able to understand and appreciate the dramatic and egoistic nature of a Leo , while a Leo would be greatly infatuated and attracted by a Virgoís supper intellect. In bed and sexual life Leo wont be able to get the desired passion and response which they expect from their mate, as Virgo is very prudent and very reserved in sex life. Leo is a spending machine and this wont go down very well with a Virgo as they are very fastidious and very fussy about spending. This would act like a cold water on exuberant Leo spirits. A Virgo may seem timid but no one can dominate them. Leo always expects lot of attention and stroking of their egos , but a Virgo seems to do almost the opposite of the same as a Virgo is expert in pricking others egos. This is a mismatch and both of them should better look for other options as this wont go far.


It might seem strange but Leos are creative and their creative side will mix well with artistic pursuits of a Libra. In love making and sexual side, Leos are more physical as they might be more interested in to the physical side of the love making while a Libra may be more interested in intellectual side of the same more on a mental level than physical, but even then their love making will be reasonably good. In comparison to the hesitant Libra , a Leo would be more than glad to take charge of the things which include love making aspect too. So in lovemaking Leo is going to the leader and always in charge which will please them.


They will be immediately attracted towards each other sexually as there is a tremendous sexual chemistry between both of them. Both of them like the physical and passionate aspect of the sexual mating, but the only thing Leo wonít be able to tolerate and like would be the over possessiveness and jealous disposition of a Scorpio. Leo would not be able to cope up with the moods and temperamental bouts of Scorpio every now and then and that could invite sparks of a different kind which very well would end this relationship. Scorpio wonít appreciate and like the boisterous and show off nature of a Leo and also wont like the constant need of a Leo for admiration and tons of admirers surrounding them every time. Leo wont like the Scorpioís need for domination. Over all not a very good match for both.


Both of them would be attracted by each other at the first instance. Leo is attracted by the extrovertism, optism and sunny attitude of Sagittarius. Similarly Sagittarius would love the carefree sunny approach of the Leo. They would just love the frankness of the Leo. They both love social life , meeting new people and moving out. Both love the sexual aspect of the life and would love sex and its enjoyment. Leos are regal and natural leaders and that would bring the best out of a Sagittarius. Leoís confidence would just give the Sagittarius the necessary comfort level it needs in this relationship. Jealousy is some thing which is not associated with a Sagittarius and Leo would appreciate this very much. Over all a good match for both.


Leos are outgoing, romantic and carefree, while Capricorns are cautious, deliberate and very practical. This could just suppress Leo a bit. Leo love to indulge in every thing whether it be with friends, going out socially, sex or any thing , while Capricorn wont approve of so much self indulgence in any thing. Both love the sexual aspect but with different meanings. Capricorn is very reserved while Leo is outgoing and extrovert. Leo need adoration and adulation all the time , while a Capricorn wont give it to the Leo. Neither one of them likes to be dominated and funnily enough each one of them likes to dominate. In nutshell this relationship wont take off.


There is going to be a physical attraction between them which would be liked by both, but soon enough Aquarius tendency to analyze and criticize would just put off the Leo and puncture its king size ego. Aquarius is usually aloof with every one and this would be interpreted by te Leo as a rejection on a personal level. Aquarius loves too much experimentation which Leo might not like very much especially if the experimentation is governing their sex life. Both love social life and meeting new people, but the tendency of a Leo to show off and take the centre stage in a social gathering would upset and irritate the some times impatient Aquarius. Aquarius is very independent and wont be dominated by Leo and that spells doom for this relationship. Not a good match.


In this association Leo will be bossy of dominating nature and full of showing off while Pisces will be shy , magical and full of mystique. Opposites attract and intrigue each other and the same will happen with these two initially. But they are as different as chalk and cheese and their difference wonít match with each other. Leo is always outgoing, friendly extrovert and full of life while Pisces is dreamy in nature always immersed in world of their own which is full of mystique. Leos want to go out and have party and fun while Pisces prefer to stay at home and relax. Both have a tendency to expect more from every one and wish to take more from other. Leos cant stand the overly sensitiveness of Pisces and eventually this relationship will break off.


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