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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Gemini Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Gemini Compatibility and GEMINI Love Astrology
Gemini Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Gemini Love Compatibility Through The Signs


This is a good match and there is a lot of scope in this match. Both are lively and full of energy and they can make good soul mates and lovers. Both love variety, adventure and fun in life and are social animals. Both love humor and fun loving activities. In both aries and geminis Aries will be the one who will make the decisions as Gemini people are not very good at making decision as they ponder and fret over things for long before arriving at any decision, while Aries are quick to take the decision. Their sex life will not be boring and both of them will keep each other on their toes. All in all a good match and should make both of them happy.


This is not a very delightful or promising match. Initially it may look like that they are moving ahead but it will be all short lived. Initially Gemini may get slightly attracted by Taurus direct approach in life and Taurus may also get attracted towards Gemini outgoing nature but in reality it will be just a momentary thing. Taurus people love their life to be orderly and stable, while Gemini love to try out new things every minute. Taurus are fiercely attached towards their home and like to be in home, while Gemini always are ready to go out and try different things so chances of clash are always there as they wont see eye to eye on these things. In their love making sexual life Gemini may find Taurus a bit dull and Taurus in turn may get overawed and intimidated by Gemini openness. Sooner or later Gemini may find restrictiveness of the Taurus to be too over bearing and this match could die its own death.


This could be the most charming , out going , vivacious and full of energy pair you could ever hope to find. No one will be bored in each other’s company as they will constantly entertain each other with their wit and humor. They both are talkative , charming and tons of friends and many of them could be common too. The pace of their life could be hectic and break neck speed with no signs of slowing down from either of them. Sexual life will be just like another game and will be fun , but they both could be unstable and very restless as they always need change. Still with little bit of common sense this match could go places.


Cancer’s passion more than fulfills the Gemini physical desires while on the other hand the cheerful and sunny disposition of Gemini will always brighten some what dull and sad disposition of Cancer. Gemini is a big flirt and this will make Cancer insecure no ends up and Gemini would love to do it more just to make cancer mad and sooner or later this will be a cause of resentment in their relationship. If we see both have little to nothing in common with each other. They are as common as chalk and cheese. Cancer needs security and need to dominate the relationship , while Gemini hates to be tied down. Gemini has no patience and time for Cancer bouts of fluctuating moods, while on the other hand the sharp biting tongue of Gemini could easily hurt and cut the ego of sensitive cancer. This relationship wont last long.


This is going to be a good pair who would enjoy each other’s company. Gemini is playful and romantic and will find a ready partner in Leo who would be eager to play the games of Gemini. Leo confidence could attract Gemini while on the other hand the sharp tongue of Gemini could annoy and make Leo angry. Leos are always wanting more and more adoration from every one and this is one thing which Gemini might not give in abundance or easily and this wont go down very well with the Leo. They will both try to upstage and be one up on each other and in doing it will have fun and frolic all the way. The sexual life will be full of sparks and innovations. In nutshell a good match.


Both signs are ruled by Gemini and are intellectual in approach yes even Gemini but both of them look at each other from different eyes. Virgos will almost invariably see Gemini as loony and unstable, while Gemini will think Virgos are too boring for their liking. Virgo’s are going to be too analytical in approach for the Gemini and they will think Virgos are cold and indifferent to the sensitivities of Gemini. Virgo will look at Gemini social life and outside life as waste of money and energy. Over critical Virgo will sooner or later make the tempers fray from Gemini. Their sex life initially which would look good soon turn in to cold water due their constant bickering and this match will break sooner or later.


Both are Air signs and are intellectually well suited and compatible with each other. They both have lot in common and their conversations will invariably will be a stimulating affair full of humor and wit. They will tend to agree of many things as they both are well suited and have likeness in approach. They both are humorous , witty, fun loving and love social life so not much is going to be boring when they will be around. Both tolerate each other and neither of them are jealous of each other or each other flirting nature. Sexual life would be wonderful and go along well. Only negative point is both are extravagant spenders and for running a household one of them needs to be going slow on spending , other wise it is a good match.


Gemini sense of imagination and mercurial nature coupled with the dynamic force of Scorpio would be a killer combination and if they get along together then sky would be the limit for this match. Their sexual life will be full of sparks so no need to worry on that front , but there is more than just sex in life they will soon find out. They are different in many ways as they will find out. Scorpio is full of passion, sexual, sensual , full of demands, full of jealousy and adamant and will refuse to flex any where, while on other hand Gemini is fickle, changing , flexible, humorous and willing to change. Gemini people are social , willing to mix are outgoing while Scorpio are extremely private people and are reluctant to mix and make new friend. Scorpios are very suspicious in nature and Gemini flirting might not get too well on them and it wont be long before their relationship will bust.


Both of these signs lie opposite to each other in Zodiac and get attracted to each other in a big way just like a magnet. Both have great amount of intellect , varied tastes, interests and lot to talk and discuss. There is a little difference even in these similarities Sagittarius are more on the intellectual side, while Gemini are more of social side. Both of them need freedom to express themselves , both are very restless and get in to arguments. Their sex life may not be full of sparks and Gemini is critical and Sagittarius is not very demonstrative. Sooner or later this affair will die its own death just like it started.


Capricorn are conventional, conservative, steadfast , love sense of security and very serious minded, while Gemini are devil may care attitude, free bird attitude, and modern in outlook in fact they are very opposite of conservative approach of Capricorn. Both will oppose each others approach. Capricorn sense of order and security will drive the Gemini crazy and he/she will sooner or later resent it. Capricorn sober/serious outlook will not please Gemini who is always in high spirits and have a gregarious outlook towards life. In nutshell this affair or match will just go down in the end. Not a good match.


Aquarius are full of innovation, while Gemini are very versatile and mercurial in approach. Both will go along very well and compliment each other. Both of them share common goals, tastes about meeting new people, seeing new places, traveling and having fun in general. Here lies the catch, both of them are extremely unpredictable and this could surprise both of them no ends up and the journey might not be always very smooth for them. Aquarius appreciates the wit, humor and quick silver tongue of the Gemini , while Gemini also appreciated Aquarius sense of dedication and intellect. This is a reasonably good match. Inspite of their affair or marriage working or not they would make great friends.


Both are passionate, but passions have their own problems some times. Pisces is very sensitive and they’d get hurt by the tactless Gemini. Geminis are playful and full of mischief which might not get well with Pisces as they take things to their heart because of their sensitive nature. Pisces just like Leos need constant adoration , while Gemini find it silly and are not going to comply with Pisces constant need for adoration. Gemini need freedom, going out meeting people , while Pisces is not very interested in these needs of Gemini , which could irritate Gemini. Gemini outgoing and flirty nature will not be tolerated by Pisces and they will feel insecure and in turn they will try to keep extra watch on Gemini and sooner or later Gemini will feel suffocated for breath and this will lead to end of this relationship. Not a very good match.



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