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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Cancer Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Cancer Compatibility and Cancer Love Astrology
Cancer Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Cancer Love Compatibility Through The Signs


Cancer like Taurus gets jealous of Aries wandering eye and sooner or later their affair which might start as a fiery one will fizzle out like water on fire. Aries will too easily hurt the sensitive Cancer with their aggressive attitude. Aries will always need freedom and unbounded atmosphere, while Cancer will always try to shackle and over protect the partner and Aries will find this too suffocating for its liking. Both love and are attracted towards money , but here lies the catch. Aries love to spend the money , while Cancer wants to hoard and keep it and there is a big major difference. Eventually this relationship will be destroyed due to big temperamental differences between both of them.


Both Cancer and Taurus need secured atmosphere and need security of material things, both are loving in nature, passionate and full of affection. Their sexual life will be complimented with each other as Cancer has enough imagination as compared to Taurus serious approach to things. Taurus is possessive and that jells well with Cancer as they are also clinging just like Taurus. Both are excellent in making money and accumulating the same. They have quite a few common interests like financial, political subject and sports of all kind. Cancers and Taurus both do not like to rush things and both love to plan the things before taking any action. Taurus may forgive a few times , but forgiving for a Cancer is knot a easy thing to do and youíd find any cancer who is liberal when it comes to forgiving and when there are some skirmishes or bickering the Cancer wont forget or forgive easily. With some adjustments this relationship could work just fine.


Initially a Cancer may get attracted and intrigued by the bubbly and sparkling personality of a Gemini, but a Cancer will always feel insecure by the roving eye of Gemini and flirting and devil may care attitude as Cancer always looks out for security which Gemini wont be able to provide. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive while Gemini sharp tongue is always ready to injure the fragile ego of a Cancer. It will be difficult for both of them to understand each otherís point of view easily. Saving grace is that their sexual energy is well matched and this is one department in which there wont be any dull moment. Cancer will always try to shackle down Gemini and Gemini wont like it a bit. Sooner or later this relationship will die its own death. Not a good match for a stable relationship.


Theoretically they have almost lot in common and that could be a negative point. They understand each others move even before one is trying to execute them. They can hurt each otherís ego with minimum of efforts. Both are very demanding, egoistic and have fragile egos. Each one of them would be requiring great amount of adoration , adulation and attention from each other. Sooner or later each one of them will resent not getting the desired attention from each other. Both are going to be good in bed usually, but that is not enough to sustain a relationship for much longer, They will part ways eventually. In nutshell not an excellent match for long term relationship.


Open minded, extroverts, gregarious Leos could become the perfect match for the Cancer , but for that Cancer has to get used to the ways of a Leo. Cancers are very intuitive and they will know exactly how to tackle the proud Leo ego. If Cancers can give enough of flattery and admiration to a Leo then he/she will be content and the relationship will never get in to trouble. In love making department Leo could be too direct and dominating for a Cancer , but even then this department could work fine. Leos are very sunny people and they are just going to be perfect for the sensitive and moody Cancer. It is a good match for both.


Virgos are quite analytical in almost every sphere of their lives , while on the other hand Cancers think from their heart as they are very emotional, but even with these differences they could combine well with each other. Virgoís may seem icy cool but under that they also have emotions and with right kind of person they would interact just perfectly well. This could very well turn out in to a very comfortable and full of affections relationship which could work well for both of them. Virgos are very goal focused in their life and similarly Cancers need financial security and for that they also work towards their goals so lot of similarities there. Both of them would love to please each other no ends up so this relationship in nutshell will work very well for both of them.


Their level of understanding of Love is totally different. Cancers see love on a emotional plane while a Libra will see it from an intellectual level. Libra is so detached that it has no sympathy or patience for Cancer fluctuating emotional moods and needs. Cancers are made very insecure by all this. Libras may feel suffocated by temperamental tantrums of a cancer and coupled with Cancerís possessive attitude it could drive away any Libra to despair. Their sexual chemistry wont be good and theyíd be having hard time connecting in bed. They both love homely atmosphere but Libras are more inclined towards social life and parties , which may not go very well with a Cancer. Cancer could very easily go critical of a Libraís social ways and their extravagance and that could spell doom for this relationship as Libra will start looking for other alternatives.


Scorpioís sexual dynamism and passionate nature will just be the fire for the Cancerís sensual nature and this chemistry could do wonders for them and in their sexual life. Scorpio is possessive and jealous and Cancer is also possessive and loyal so Scorpio wont find any reason to be jealous from the loyal cancer. Cancerís possessive nature will work well with a Scorpio as it will make them feel secure and wanted. Scorpio will admire the Cancerís loyalty and emotional outpouring , while Cancer will admire and appreciate the dynamism and strengths of Scorpio. They both are connected with each other greatly and their intuitive strengths just let them know what is needed by other to please each other. This is a very good relationship with scope for improvement always. In nutshell a very good match for each other.


Cancerís imagination could be ignited by the outgoing and gregarious Sagittarius and this could create wonders in their relationship, but Cancer is for always looking for security in love which they might not find in the Sagittarius. Cancer would almost feel and go in to jealous mode by the flirty and careless and devoid of faith actions. Cancers are usually dependent and this will suffocate and bore a Sagittarius and they would find ways to avoid the Cancer. Sagittarius love to go out and mingle socially , while a Cancer prefers to stay at home. Cancerís need to be together and mushy mushy will drive a Sagittarius totally crazy. In addition to that the sharp tongue just like geminis will hurt a Cancer and their sensitive egos and fragile emotions. This is a match which is not suited for being lovers, friends may be but definitely not the lovers.


They are opposites and opposites attract each other usually and similarly they will be initially attracted towards each other. If both of them can overcome their opposite ways and their different emotional behaviors this match could work for both of them. Capricorn is very goal oriented and committed towards that and this might not leave enough time to pamper the Cancer and give time to their emotional needs and this could make Cancer withdrawn and moody. Cancer is shy, emotional and sensitive and almost always needing affection, but he/she might not find that in the cold, aloof and dominating Capricorn. These differences might be the undoing in their long term relationship. Over all not a good match for being lovers/getting married.


Cancers are warm, committed and very responsive in nature, while Aquarius are aloof and detached. This will hurt a Cancer . While on other hand Cancerís moods, possessiveness and need to cling will annoy and disturb the Aquarian. Aquarius is quick witted, very unpredictable and gets irritated by the slow approach of a Cancer. Cancer is very sensitive and has a fragile ego which can be easily hurt by the Aquarius cutting humor at times. Cancer may feel very hurt and bewildered by the aloofness and detachment of the Aquarius. Cancer needs to be cuddled and feel close to the partner but Aquarius is basically a loner and needs time for themselves. Sex might be ok ok but only sex wont get them too far . This relationship is meant to be doomed sooner or later.


Both are sensitive and full of affections and emotions so this will go perfectly well for both and sooth each others ego very well. Pisces are dreamers with very strong imagination and same goes for a cancer as they also have an excellent imagination so both of them will fly together on this imaginative journey. Together they can achieve wonders and they would make a great team together in projects which require plenty of new ideas and imagination. Pisces will provide the missing romance in cancerís life which will ignite the passions in a Cancer. Cancerís protectiveness will work for the Pisces as they need some one to protect them. Both of them are intensely emotional , committed and loyal so every thing will work out for them. Sexual life will be very harmonic as well and in nutshell this match will work excellent for both of them.



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