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Astrology and Horoscopes (Indian Astrology Site)>>Love Sign Compatibility>>Aries Compatibility & love Compatibility through The Signs
Aries Compatibility and Aries Love Astrology
Aries Love Compatibility Through The Signs

Aries Love Compatibility Through The Signs


As both are going to be fiery in nature this is going to be a sparking relationship. Both are not going to take any inferior role in their relationship/partnership. Both of them would feel the need to dominate each other, and there will always be a fierce and hard core competition to be the numero uno or number one in this relationship/partnership. Flare-ups, disagreements and bickering are entirely possible if the match is aries woman and aries man and their married life or love life could take a heavy toll due to this. If husband and wife are both aries and working they should try to find different vocations or professions. Care should be taken that their energies are diverted and channlised in to diverse activities. A lot more is promised in this relationship but eventually due to overly aggressive stance of both things get nasty some times.


Aries born and Taurus born both have magnetic personalities and are sensual , but here we have to see that Aries is fiery and have high charged sensual drive and they might get annoyed with the rather slow and deliberate lovemaking by Taurus born. Aries are impulsive and always ready to try new fun and adventures which also means new partners. On the other hand Taurus is possessive and kind of jealous in nature. In the partners where Aries is concerned and Taurus, you’d be finding that Taurus is good at making money and Aries are even better at spending that money. In this match Taurus are going to be more dependable as compared with Aries.


This combination wont be fiery as Aries with aries , but it will be in fact not a boring combination/match at all. Both Aries and Gemini have the gift of gab, and they love to talk, but Gemini will win this race because no one can beat geminis in talking. Both Aries and Gemini are willing to try new things and are not afraid to do so even at the cost of taking risks. Gemini is a little bit more clever than Aries to counter Aries constant need to dominate relationship. Both compliment each other as on one hand Aries are dynamic and have great intelligence , where on the other side Geminis are versatile in everything they do.


These two signs might get fascinated by each other at first instance , but slowly the attraction between them will fade out for the simple reasons , that they have different temperaments. Aries jump in to every thing without looking , while on the other hand Cancers are very cautious before committing to any thing. Cancerians are attached towards home, family , while Aries abhor and hate to be tied down. Gradually there will be constant bickering and arguments between them , which could result in to relationship going for a toss. Aries has a very cutting and sharp tongue which can deeply wound the cancer heart. There will be little compatibility between them and constant nagging of Cancer could drive away the Aries very quickly. In nutshell not a very good match.


Both Aries and Leos have king size egos. Both like to lead like leaders. Aries never likes to be in the second place, while on the other hand the royal Leo the lion always needs some one to admire him/her. The only way this relationship could work out is when Leo is given the role of the king and the Aries is made Leo’s General. Sexually it is a good match , as both are fiery and full of romance. Aries are optimistic and open to new ideas, while Leos are very generous and good at heart. The key to this relationship working is to have a compromise between two as to who will lead.


Aries are bold while Virgos are shy, so Aries boldness and directness should intrigue and fascinate the Virgos. Aries are passionate and direct, while Virgo’s are not direct and it will take some time before they will reveal themselves in some sort of a passionate manner. In other areas Aries has their mind full of exciting ideas and they will insist on doing themselves all the work and could give the idea of being too bossy. Virgos on the other hand are too fussy, critical , hard to be pleased and would like the things to be executed in their own sweet way. Virgo will almost always criticize and not approve the excess or extravagancy of the Aries, while eventually Aries will thing Virgos are too critical , devoid of any emotions and cold water. In nutshell their match is not the right match and eventually they will go their own different ways.


Aries and Libras are opposite and opposite attract so initially there could be a strong attraction between the two. They compensate each other in some areas like Libra’s passion is aroused by Aries boldness. In love life they are opposite on one hand Libra wants harmony, peace and no tensions while Aries would almost always want action, aggression and want to be the boss in love making too. One thing is common though , both of them love to socialize and they would love to go out , clubbing , entertaining and enjoy night life. Their relationship will fizzle out eventually because after passage of time Aries will look out for some one who is more appreciative of themselves and Libra will find some one who is less demanding. These two are great passionate lovers but not good partners for marriage.


Aries and Scorpio are both in many ways are alike. Both have physical energy in abundance and they both are passionate in any thing they do. They can have a great sexual chemistry and sparks between them, but emotionally they are not very compatible as they both are bossy and are control freaks so each one of them will try to control each other and there lies the problem. Scorpios are extremely jealous in nature and this might irk and disturb Aries no ends up. Aries can never back down and wont be happy to take orders and get the terms dictated by Scorpio , while Scorpio will never back down and wont be happy giving the commanding hand to Aries. Eventually this relation ship will fizzle out as both don’t like to give an inch back. Very shaky relationship I’d say.


Of all the signs Sagittarius is a better match as far as temperament goes. Both love to go out , socialize, clubbing and meeting people. They both are physically active and have almost similar tastes and likes. They both live life king size and enjoy good life. Some times there could be some difference of opinions or sparks of bickering because both are impulsive, spontaneous and blunt and frank in speech. Some times they can get in to big arguments which could reach a breaking point. Aries have a forceful style when it comes to love making or sexual life, while on the other hand Sagittarius is more playful and subtle in style as compared to Aries, but the saving grace is both having wonderful and exquisite taste and timing for humor and wit. So more or less this is a good match for both.


Aries is masculine and Capricorn is feminine . Aries element is Fire and Capricorn’s is earth so here lies the catch. Aries like to innovate and indulge in to new things and experiment a lot , while on the other hand Capricorn is conservative and not a risk taking specimen. Aries is always impulsive, fiery, too direct and difficult to pin down , while Capricorn is practical, conservative in approach and likes a settled order. Both are cardinal in nature and like to lead in front. God forbid if the match is Aries woman and a Capricorn man because then the sparks will fly because aries are extravagant in nature and like to spend , but while Capricorns are conservative and looks on money and its spending like a hawk. Aries need to learn from Capricorn the value of endurance and strength. If both learn to respect each other then this could be a wonderful match.


Aries as well as Aquarius are pretty much compatible with each other. Both are independent signs, like independence, pretty much active and have good ambitions for forging ahead in life. They have multifarious interests in life for which they work hard. Both are fiercely independent and here inspite of being very independent Aquarius may some times let the Aries have the upper say as Aquarius some times is detached and not worry too much about these things. Aries may also some times feel that Aquarius is neglecting them, but as Aquarius some times go deep in to their own little world that they do not care about any one around them. With a bit of common sense and understanding this match could turn out to be a winner match.


Aries with their directness and independent nature could extract the pisces out of their shyness. On the other hand Aries would be intrigued and could be infatuated by the secrecy and magnetism of Pisces . They could make a good match as Aries is confident and can lead , while on the other hand Pisces are shy , some what timid and wont mind being led by any one. Aries would do well not to take undue advantage of this and take Pisces for granted or else this union could easily break and pisces could go in to their shell easily.



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