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Virgo October 2007 monthly Horoscope, Virgo October 2007 monthly Astrology

October 2007 Horoscope and Predictions

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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For Virgo (Kanya) Ascendant or Lagna this month is going to be favorable for career and financial gains. Your business will catch up and in general you will succeed in what ever venture you’d undertake. Good month for people who are married , but not so good month for people who are in love. It is going to be a difficult month for educational pursuits as well as health related issues.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Transiting ascendant lord Mercury over the 2nd house might give you opportunity to associate yourself with a new work. You might think of establishing new industry or else you might establish a supportive unit to main line business. Because of liberal policy of administration or owner you will be able to show your professional abilities. Your business shall catch up sudden pace of growth because of your getting special discount for the construction of infrastructure or else it may happen because of registry of your land or business in special economic zone. Transiting DHANESH ( 2nd Lord) and BHAGYESH ( Ninth Lord) over the 12th house is not much favorable. However, it is indicating Gains from abroad or multinational firms.

Investments in share market or other type of fast money growing spheres should be made with utter caution so that you might reduce chances of loss of wealth. Transiting Sun over the ascendant and Saturn and Ketu over the 12th is indicating you will experience gains through legacies, other's money, But due to, high expenditure, such as repayment of dues etc. Possessions or savings may also be badly affected resulting financial stress, reduced comforts, and disturbed peace of mind. Overall, it is an average month for you. There is a no doubt you will have fair chances of gains and earnings. However, at the same expenditures would be on increasing. Therefore, you must try to control risk taking tendencies and extravagance so that you could have savings for future.

Love, Family and Social Life
SAPTMESH ( 7th Lord) as well as CHATURTHESH ( 4th Lord) Jupiter is transiting over the 3rd house and aspecting to 7th house. This is an auspicious indicating for those people who are already married. It can bring Success, pleasant functions, recognition of service, agreeable events, outstanding reports, gain of wealth, pleasure, prosperity and auspicious functions. However, those are unmarried or having a relationship with someone; might come into problems. KALATRAKARAKA as well planet of Love Venus is transiting over the 12th house along with Saturn and Ketu. It shows extra marital affairs but failure in love. But if nothing is done to correct the situation, Saturn transiting the 12th House being 5th and 6th lord can cause false allegations, disputes, loss of money and children, litigation, increased expenditure, confusion, disputes and separation from family or mental agony.

Education and Traveling
In relation to education it is not a good period. It may be neglected or may find obstacles in the progress and difficulties in examinations and interviews. There is a need to pay extra attention over study. You should remember hard working is the first step of the success. Hence, if you’re going to appear for any important interview or exam you should do pre-planning and pay full attention. BHAGYESH ( 9th Lord) Venus is transiting over the 12th house along with malefic Saturn and Ketu it is showing long distance commercial journeys. You should be careful; these journeys would not be much favourable.

Transiting 12th lord Sun over the ascendant is indicating expenses over the health. Besides, transiting Saturn and Ketu are also going to create health problems. You should be careful of accidents in journeys. Or else problems such as hemorrhoids, or problems related to digestive track, a feeling of tiredness or weakness in the body, and the difficulties which can not be explained or told to others may appear. Worries and health troubles in regard to children are also of concerned.

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