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Gemini 2007 monthly Horoscope, Gemini 2007 monthly Astrology

October 2007 Horoscope and Predictions

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope Gemini October Horoscope

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For Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant or Lagna this month indicates fair success but you’d have to put your best efforts for the same. Love life shows mixed results for this month. It is a favorable month for love/marriage related issues. It is a favorable month for traveling and educational pursuits. Health may be a cause of worry.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Ascendant lord Mercury is transiting over the 5th house. It is showing Gain of wealth and the financial situation will improve. You will get profit from various sources. The income position will improve and it is possible to gain profits from property related matters or transactions during this time. Purchase of new properties is also a possibility. You may even get a chance of getting a new vehicle or a property such as house or land. Transiting BHAGYESH along with PANCHMESH is aspecting to 9th house. Therefore, this combination can bring the improvements in the financial position; will get good fame and reputation. You will become practical oriented with physical endurance and perseverance. Relations with the persons of good standing and position will be helpful and may derive gains out of that. However, you should not undertake or involve yourself in risky ventures as 6th lord Mars is transiting over the ascendant. This transit of Mars is not favorable, troubles in relations to new career change or a business venture is a possibility. Difficulties at work place or difficulties due to increased amount of traveling or change of residence and problems from government are quite possible. High expenses in hope of future gains but may not gain quick results. Investments on risky ventures should be avoided.

Love, Family and Social Life
Transiting 3rd lord Sun is unfavorable over the 4th house as far as domestic life is concerned. You may experience discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness and strained relations with spouse or family members. Law suits can be source of worries and expenditure. Separation or divorce can not be over ruled. You must be careful till 17th of October as Sun will move over the 5th house onward it. SAPTEMESH Jupiter is transiting over the 6th house and transiting Saturn is aspecting to 5th house while transiting Mars is aspecting to 7th house. Hence, planets are indicating Travels and separation from family, strained relations, increased expenses, ill health, and problems due to immorality or disease of sexual organs, ill health of spouse or elderly members of the family are the likely outcomes if no remedies are done to correct the situation.

Education and Traveling
Transiting ascendant as well as 4th lord Mercury over the 5th house is producing favorable results. Apart of it transiting PANCHMESH Venus along with 9th lord Saturn is also favorable for study related matters. As a result, this is very auspicious for your house of education & intelligence & destiny; therefore, as a result of it you shall be getting substantial success in your competitive examinations, because of if you shall win admiration for your intellectual abilities & performance. You shall do reasonably well in your competitive exams & departmental examinations. Transiting ascendant lord over the moveable sign and transiting 9th Saturn lord along with 12th lord Venus is indicating long distance journeys. Probably, these journeys would be fruitful and memorable.

Transiting 6th lord Mars over the ascendant would be cause of injuries, blood disorder and trouble due to fire or electric equipments. On the other hand 8th lord Saturn is aspecting to ascendant lord Mercury. These planetary combinations are showing you shall struggle very hard for performing well in your professional life & in addition to that you shall also become careless about your food habits & daily routine. Because of it you shall suffer from loss of appetite, stomach disorder & weakness of liver or any wind disease might trouble you.

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