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Kamalkapoor.com (Indian Astrology Site)>>How successful will Abhishek be?
How successful will Abhishek be?

Abhishek - Aishwarya wedding, Abhishek Aishwarya Marriage predictions, Abhishek Aishwarya Wedding, Abhishek Bachchan career, Abhishek future, Abhishek married life

 All About Abhishek

Career of Abhishek Bachchan | Married Life of Abhishek Bachchan | Prospects in Year 2007

Abhishek Bachchan is the scion of the famous Bachchan family of India. This family name needs no introduction. Abhishek is the only son of Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan and one of the finest actresses of our time Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan). His grandfather Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan was a famous poet of Hindi and Urdu literature. Abhishek Bachchan is carrying on the legacy of this name now. In fact, he is the perfect person to shine like his grandfather and parents. Comparisons are inevitable. The son of famous parents Amitabh and Jaya has definitely inherited some aspects from his parents. He has been blessed with the extremely good upbringing of his parents. He has also inherited the same impeccable manners and demeanor of the Bachchan family. He has inherited both his parents’ qualities. Abhishek is quiet, composed, tall, handsome, having the same baritone voice and rather reserved nature of his father Amitabh Bachchan. On the other hand, he has inherited the quality of speaking his mind from his mother Jaya Bachchan. In fact, one other major trait, which he has inherited from his father, is his exquisite humour, which is unmistakable in his films.

Until cupid struck, Abhishek was the most eligible bachelor in India. He and Aishwarya fell in love and their romance blossomed into their forthcoming marriage.

Let us now look at Abhishek’s Horoscope and the forthcoming prospects for Year 2007 which are indicated by the placement of planets in his horoscope.

There is a difference of opinion about Abhishek’s time of birth as per astrologers. There are 2-3 birth times floated around. I have taken the below Natal Chart details, as the same have been used by quite a few astrologers.

Ascendant : Libra
Sun : Capricorn
Moon : Pisces
Mars ( R ) : Taurus
Mercury ( R ) : Capricorn
Jupiter : Pisces
Venus : Sagittarius
Saturn ( R ) : Cancer
Rahu ( R ) : Libra
Ketu ( R ) : Aries

Abhishek was born on 5th of February, 1976 at Bombay. At the time of his birth Libra Ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon. He was born under the Revathi Nakshatra in Pisces Sign or Rashi. Ascendant plays a very important part in a horoscope. Ascendant /Rising Sign or Lagna is the physical aspect of one’s self or the portrayal to the people around us.

Being a Libra Ascendant makes Abhishek pleasing and harmonious. By virtue of this ascendant, Abhishek has been blessed with natural charm, grace, poise and impeccable manners. Libra ascendant people look forward to the future and are not bogged down by the setbacks in life. These traits are fully epitomized by Abhishek. By virtue of being a Libra Ascendant he has got a great sense of fairness and justice. Libra Ascendant people are refined, full of poise. They may seem to be a bit aloof at times, which is hard to pin down by other mortals. Being a Libra Ascendant makes Abhishek gravitate towards artisitic and creative pursuits and that explains his foray in movies. These people don’t have to seek the spotlight and stardom - it shines on them. Luck often comes to Libra Ascendants by virtue of a partner, spouse, lover or a close associate. It’d be pertinent to mention that his spouse Aishwarya may bring him more luck in the coming years. He likes traveling, getting into new projects. However, there is one problem with Libra Ascendants - they don’t have much perseverance, which sometimes leads to many unfinished projects. Libra Ascendants more often than not gain wealth through a marriage partner. The influence of Planet Venus which is the Lord of Abhishek’s Ascendant is bestowing him with charm, elegance, social grace, romantic nature, appreciation for art, music, cinema etc, but at the same time it may also give him jealousy, laziness, dependence on others as well.

In Abhishek’s horoscope, Ascendant and 8th house Lord Venus is placed in 3rd house in Sagittarius sign. He is active, wealthy, wise, famous and happy. However, this placement indicates that Abhishek’s mind may waver sometimes. This placement sometimes gives more than one romantic association. We all know Abhishek was associated with Karishma Kapoor earlier before meeting Aishwarya Rai. This placement also makes Abhishek religious, charitable and daring in approach. He will enhance his fortune by his own efforts and labour. His chart indicates frequent traveling to foreign countries and success from such traveling. Venus in 3rd house makes him very passionate. This combination gives chances of an inter-caste marriage. Venus in 3rd house makes a person indecisive in approach and this person needs some support from near and dear ones to make a correct decision in vital matters. Venus in 3rd house makes Abhishek loyal to his spouse, but chances are that he may some times not get the same affection in return. In Abhishek’s chart, Venus which is placed in 3rd house is aspected by naturally malefic planet Mars. According to ancient classic ‘Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra’ Mars is considered as a malefic planet for Libra ascendant. Therefore, it may create a few obstacles in Abhishek’s career and his success. In ‘Navamansa’ Chart, Venus is posited in 12th house in Virgo sign which is the sign of debilitation. This indicates Abhishek will get success with a little help and support from his close associates and well-wishers in the initial phase of his career. Placement of Planet Venus at an angle to Planet Jupiter is creating a ‘Rajyoga’, which signifies wealth, a good, beautiful & virtuous spouse and children, fame, good character, and faith in spiritualism & religious rites.

In Abhishek’s Horoscope all quadrants or Kendra houses are occupied by planets namely Rahu in Ascendant or Lagna, Sun and Mercury in 4th house, Ketu in 7th house and Saturn in 10th house. This placement of planets in quadrants is giving rise to a very special Raj yoga which is called ‘ Chatussagara Yoga’. According to astrological classics ‘Chatussagara Yoga’ will confer and bestow the person with good reputation, he/she will be equal to a ruler, have a long and prosperous life, be blessed with good children and health and his/her name will travel to the confines of the four oceans. To explain it further, planets placed in kendras or quadrants add great strength to the horoscope. The four angles in a horoscope are like the four walls of a building and the strong walls are very important for a strong building. This is one main reason that in spite of not tasting the fruits of success initially Abhishek was never down and disheartened and bounced back strongly and now every one knows about his success in the film industry.

Abhishek’s horoscope has quite a few Rajyogas. The mutual aspect of Mercury Lord of 9th and 12th house and Saturn which is Lord of 4th and 5th houses is excellent. According to ancient astrological classics, Saturn and Mercury are known as favourable and significator planets for Libra ascendant. Placement of Mercury in 4th house along with Sun is giving ‘Surya Budha Yoga’. According to ancient classical texts this yoga means a person born under the influence of this Yoga is polite, intelligent, learned, honest, wealthy, proficient in all works and reputed. Although placement of Mercury in Capricorn Sign is not a good placement, even then it will give good results as Saturn and Mercury are placed at an angle to each other and have a mutual aspect. Similarly if we see the placement of Saturn, we will see that placement of Saturn in Cancer sign is not a good placement, but due to Saturn and Mercury being placed at an angle to each other and having a mutual aspect, it is giving good results. Moreover Saturn in Abhishek’s horoscope is a Yogkaraka planet and is making him worldly wise and shrewd.

Abhishek’s horoscope is good from all aspects. However, placement of Saturn at an angle to the Sun and their mutual aspects may give unexpected obstacles and hindrances in his life. He’d have to put in his best efforts and overcome the obstacles in his life. Similarly, placement of Rahu in Ascendant is not very good. It will give rise to a few controversies in his life. Placement of Rahu in Ascendant may give him failure in attempts and unnecessary confusion in decision-making, therefore he may be in need of someone who is close to him encouraging him all the time. Here it’d be pertinent to say that the placement of Saturn in 10th house sometimes works as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is capable of providing worldwide fame, respect, accumulation of wealth, while on the other hand, it is also capable of giving loss of wealth, inviting the wrath of the government, resulting in loss in dealings /business /profession and uncalled for expenditures. Hence there is a great need for Abhishek to be careful.

In Abhishek’s horoscope, Lord of the 6th house, Jupiter, is placed in 6th house which is forming ‘Viparita Harsha Yoga’. According to ancient classical Phal Deepika if the 6th lord is in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house it forms ‘Viparita Harsha Yoga’. According to this classical text, ‘A person born in this Yoga will enjoy health, fame and happiness in life. He/she’d be victorious over enemies. Placement of 9th lord Mercury and 11th lord Sun in the same house is creating a ‘Dhana Yoga’. There is a relationship between the 9th house lord on one hand and the 11th lord on the other hand. A person born in this yoga will always enjoy great wealth in life.

Placement of Jupiter and Moon in the 6th house is also creating a very strong Rajyoga which is famously known as “Gajakesari Yoga’. When Moon and Jupiter are placed in the centre to each other i.e. Moon is placed along with Jupiter or in 4th, 7th or 10th house from Jupiter then this placement is known as ‘Gajakesari Yoga’ . This Yoga alone is more potent than many Rajyogas. It is also one of the Pancha Mahapursha Yogas. This yoga will give Abhishek a lot of success in life and enhance his career, give him victory over enemies, and bestow him with wealth and worldwide fame in life.

In Abhishek’s horoscope, Mars, which is Lord of 2nd and 7th houses is placed in 8th house in Taurus sign. Placement of Mars in Taurus sign is not a very good placement. In Navamansa Chart also Mars is not placed well. It is placed in Cancer sign, which is a sign of debilitation. However, Mars in 8th house gives a good capacity to rule the peoples’ heart and we all know Abhishek is at present ruling the hearts of millions with his extraordinary performance in movies.

Let me now discuss Abhishek’s Career & Married life along with his prospects for year 2007.

Career of Abhishek

In Abhishek’s chart, Cancer Sign or Rashi is placed in his 10th house. Lord of 10th house Moon is placed in 6th house along with Jupiter, creating one of the most powerful Rajyogas known as ‘Gajakesari Rajyoga’. In his chart, Moon is neither aspected nor conjoined by any malefic planet. This in itself is a very good placement and indicates Abhishek will have a tremendous growth in his career.

Abhishek’s debut movie ‘Refugee’ was released on 30th of June 2000, when he was under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Venus-Rahu-Venus. As discussed earlier in the ‘Navamansa’ Chart, Venus is posited in 12th house in Virgo sign which is the sign of debilitation, so Abhishek may not get the full results associated with Planet Venus. The movie Refugee was not a hit, but his work was appreciated and he was also nominated for Filmfare’s best newcomer award for his role in this film. As discussed earlier, Rahu is not favourable for Abhishek and the film’s release was in the Bhukti of Rahu. That was one of the main reasons for the film not doing well. The period starting from June 1998 to June 2001 was the period in which Bhukti of Rahu was in operation. This period coincided with quite a few movies of Abhishek, which were not successful.

His first real movie which was appreciated and for which he also got Filmfare’s Best Supporting Actor’s award was ‘Yuva’, which was released in May 2004. This movie was released when he was under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Venus-Saturn-Saturn. Saturn is a Yogkaraka planet in Abhishek’s chart and moreover Saturn and Mercury are placed at an angle to each other, creating a mutual aspect, and the same is giving good results. His acting and work was first noticed in this particular period.

He has been under the influence of Bhukti of Saturn from February 2004 to April 2007. This period is a successful period for him. He got name and fame in this period. His acting was well-appreciated in this period only. Due to yogkaraka Saturn’s influence, his acting was appreciated not only in India but outside India also. During this period, quite a few of his good movies were released. These include Dhoom-I (Released: 27th August 2004), Bunty and Babli (Released: 27th May 2005), Sarkar (Released: 1st July 2005), Dus (Released: 8th July 2005), Bluff master (Released: 16th December 2005), Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (Released: 11th August 2006), Umarao Jaan (Released: 3rd November 2006), Dhoom 2 (Released: 24th November 2006) and the very popular ‘Guru’ (Released: 12th Jan 2007).

Abhishek will be under the influence of Bhukti of Mercury in main Dasha of Venus from April 2007 to February 2010. Mercury is Lord of 9th and 12th houses in Abhishek’s horoscope and is placed in 4th house. Here it’d be pertinent to mention that Mercury is being aspected by Yoga Karaka Saturn. As mentioned earlier, placement of Mercury in 4th house along with Sun is giving ‘Surya Budha Yoga’, which is very good for success in life. This period indicates good professional success for him. His acting will only get better day by day and there are indications of his getting more awards and accolades.


Married life of Abhishek

According to Vedic Indian astrology, 7th house and its Lord tell about marriage and spouse-related matters. Venus and Jupiter are known as natural karakas of marriage-related issues. In Abhishek’s Chart there is Aries Sign in 7th house. Lord of 7th house Mars is placed in 8th house in Taurus Sign. Placement of Mars in Taurus sign is not a very good placement. In Navamansa Chart, Mars is placed in 10th house along with Sun and is aspected by Mercury. In Natal Chart, 7th house is aspected by Yoga Karaka Saturn. In Navamansa Chart, Jupiter is occupying 5th house being Atmakaraka and retrograde Saturn is occupying 7th to Atmakaraka Jupiter. Due to these combinations, Abhishek’s spouse will be older than him. According to Moon Chart, Virgo Sign is occupying the 7th house and its Lord Mercury is placed in the 4th house, being Yoga Karaka planet and aspected by another yoga karaka planet Saturn. This indicates his spouse will belong to a good cultured family. He will enjoy all worldly comforts and enjoy the fruits of success along with his spouse. Placement of 7th Lord Mars in 8th is not very favourable. Placement of Mars in Taurus sign is not a very good placement. In Navamansa Chart also, Mars is not well placed; it is placed in Cancer sign, which is its sign of debilitation. It indicates, that a few times, his thoughts and views won’t match with his spouse. There are indications of a few disputes and arguments with his spouse. The fact that both Abhishek and Aishwarya are fiercely independent personalities is not helping either. So Abhishek needs to be careful in his marital affairs and take care not to press too hard in marital matters or else there are indications of bickering and tensions in his married life.


Prospects in Year 2007

At present, Abhishek is undergoing the Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Venus-Mercury-Mercury which will end on August 31st 2007. As discussed earlier, in his chart, Mercury is being aspected by Yoga Karaka Saturn and its placement in 4th house along with Sun is giving ‘Surya Budha Yoga’, which is very good for success in life. This period indicates good professional success for him and career advancements. This period also indicates frequent traveling and increase in name and fame for him. There are also indications of marital happiness for him. His relationship with Aishwarya after marriage will be good and they will be able to fully enjoy their marital bliss in this period. His movies should also do well in this particular period. During this April, Ascendant Lord Venus and 7th Lord Mars will transit at an angle to each other, transiting Saturn will have its aspect on 7th house and Jupiter will be aspecting on ascendant Lord Venus. All these transits are auspicious for Abhishek’s marriage in April. He will achieve success and gains in new ventures/movies during this period. So we can expect his movies to do well at the box office.

From August 31st 2007 to October 31st 2007, Abhishek will be under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Venus-Mercury-Ketu. In his natal chart, Ketu is placed in 7th house in Yoga Karaka’s Venus Nakshatra. In this period, he will get vitality, gain fame, wealth, interact with rich and famous people. This period is very auspicious for his name and fame and there are indications that he will get success in his ventures and popularity in filmdom. There is also the likelihood of his movies getting popular and running successfully all over. This period also indicates his tilt towards spiritualism and towards religious activities with his spouse Aishwarya.

During the month of September and October 2007, Ascendant Lord Venus will transit over 10th and 11th houses. It will also make a favourable association along with Yoga Karaka Saturn. By virtue of this, during these months he will reap good benefits. Sudden and unexpected windfall gains are quite possible out of the blue.

From October 31st 2007 to April 17th 2008, Abhishek will be under the influence of Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Venus-Mercury-Venus. Venus is occupying 3rd house in its own Nakshatra. During this period, there are indications that he may travel frequently for personal as well as professional reasons. This period also indicates that he will indulge in purchasing of luxurious goods like vehicle, property etc. His married life will also be satisfactory during this period as there are ample indications that he may travel with his spouse Aishwarya in this period.

According to the Moon Chart, Transit of Jupiter over the 10th and transit of Saturn over the 6th house is going to be very auspicious for Abhishek. By virtue of this he may achieve happiness, gains in wealth and career, have successful journeys, increase in intelligence, have popularity all around, enjoy the comforts of home and be popular in social circle etc. In a nutshell this period is also going to be a good one for him.


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